Kenyon Court Kitchen

What can I say? HUGE transformation when it comes to this first floor kitchen renovation. By removing a load bearing and replacing it with a LVL beam, we were able to transform this space from cramped and dull to bright, spacious and chic. From the new porcelain tile floor to the fresh crown and everything…

Burlington Bathroom On A Budget

    Due to an unfortunate leak, both the kids bathroom and master bath had to be renovated in the most cost saving yet, up to date way. This budget friendly bathroom renovation was completed for the lovely price of about $3200. I was able to update the bathroom with fresh clean finishes and the…

Light It Up.

It is the things you last think of that actually form the last parts of our spaces. In order to really see a space, you must have the right lighting to see it. After quite a bit of research I came across the best example, it grasps the concept of what you need to look out for perfectly. So follow these few steps to find the perfect lighting for your space.

Ask yourself this first, what is the function of the lighting?

2016 lighting.jpg

Picture from Pinterest 

All I Want for Christmas part 6

Little late today, I left all my shopping until the last moment like always! So if you are like me and probably forgot something off your list, here are some quick and easy DIY projects for those last minute make your home smell good details!

christmas orange

Picture from Pinterest 

26. Last minute table details, scented candle holders. Crafted from an orange peel, are not only delightful for the eyes but also give off a great scent! Carve any design into the peal add a tea light and there you have it. …

All I want for Christmas Part 5

Part five of seven days of Christmas decor but for some of you, the dinner parties have already started. So for the rest that have not started, here are some quick, simple and elegant ways to spruce up and personalize those Christmas tables.

christmas white table

Picture from Pinterest

21. Since there is no snow on the ground, a nice and elegant white Christmas theme will make your table and dining room look chic and sophisticated. Start with white candles, flowers, and napkins these will start your base and top it off with white dishes to make your food pop with colour. …


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