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Let’s be serious, you can’t really know who I am as a designer by reading a list full of jobs I’ve had, qualifications I’ve acquired and volunteer hours I have banked. My schooling is a charming 15 3/4″ x 22″ piece of paper with pretty gold writing telling you I “fulfilled” the qualifications to get my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. As great as this all sounds, it isn’t really all you want to hear or read when hiring me.

What you do want to hear is, that designing to me isn’t just a job, a hobby or way of making money. It’s what wakes me up in the morning and what I base my entire existence around. For me, knowing what I wanted to do at the age of twelve wasn’t just a thing that I decided, it just happened.

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Design is different for everyone and that is what defines me as a designer. Not everyone is going to like the things that I like. Forcing you to put something that I love in your home isn’t designing for you, it’s designing for a designer. For me, it’s not just about placing furniture in a space or painting a colour on a wall. It’s about making what you look at matter. Creating a space that perfectly defines you as a person or couple without having to explain why you did what you did, that right there is elite design. That is a standard I hold myself to for every job I create.