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W O O D & C O N C R E T E

Before we get started on turning your house into a home, I just wanted to take a moment to properly introduce myself. I am not one to waste someone’s time so, before you choose to hire me (believe me you probably will), I figured you might just want to know a few things first. I say this because choosing the right designer is what is going to make or break your project. It is also going to determine the success of your overall job as well. Not every designer is going to fit your project and that is okay but for me, I just want to make sure I am the right fit for you. Even though I am extremely flexible in my design style, I base a lot of my work off the vibes I retain from my clients. This is your home, and you have to have a finished project that you love and want to spend your days in. Whether it be a sleek sophisticated modern style, a warm and inviting traditional style or my favourite retro eclectic, whatever your style is, we as a team can bring your vision to life.

A little about me you ask? Well, here is a VERY cut down version because I have done a lot in the 29 years I have circled this earth. I grew up in a home that both of my parents built from the ground up. With a master carpenter as a father and a very multi talented mother, you could either find me (starting at the age of two) in my backyard workshop designing and building or in the craft room sewing something together. My over-the-top school projects amplified my love of design and landed me in a four-year Bachelor of Interior Design program at Humber College. Because of that, I landed an amazing internship at a custom millworking firm that turned into a fulltime job once I graduated. My ambition is large and after a year, I took the leap and decided to open my own design firm in May of 2015.

Since then, I have designed over 50 custom kitchens and bathrooms, designed a full line of custom multi-million-dollar homes in St. Lucia, created my own home décor line, opened a brick and mortar retail shop and office, designed and featured a 950-square foot condo booth at the Toronto International Interior Design Show, partnered up with a designer to donate over $100,000 in design upgrades to the Oshawa Boys and Girls Club, was published in a 12 page spread of MerryMen Magazine and have designed for companies such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid and LG. A lot, right? But that just shows you how seriously I take my job.

Designing to me is not just a job, a hobby or way of making money. It is what wakes me up in the morning and what I base my entire existence around. I have learned quickly that not everyone is going to like the things that I like and forcing you to put something that I love in your home is not designing for you, it is designing for a designer and that is just not cool. It is not just about placing furniture in a space or painting a colour on a wall, it is about making what you look at matter. Creating a space that perfectly defines you as a person or couple without having to explain why you did what you did, that right there is elite design. That is a standard I hold myself to for every job I create and that is what I can do for you.

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