Once upon a time, Karen woke up like every other morning to her boring basic home.

Every day for weeks, she spent hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect inspiration to brighten up her home.

One day, she realized she really had no clue what she was doing.

Because of that, she wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night knowing that her house needs help but has no clue where to start and what to do.

So, she decided to use the internet to her benefit and find someone who could help, a designer. She knew she wanted a design maven that would hustle on her behalf to twist, tweak and skillfully accomplish with absolute expertise what she could not. She spent hours searching and reading though generic ‘about me’ pages.

Finally, she stumbled upon M² Perspectives. Here she found the most perfect, unique custom designer that could fulfill her every design need.

I’m Melissa Margaret and you should probably hire me to make what you look at matter. From colour consultations to full home design, I’m your girl. Best part? I always come to you first!

So, this is what I offer:

General Design Consultation

Creating a space that suits your unique lifestyle is the main concern when designing a room in your home. Looking at key elements such as furniture arrangement, flooring, lighting, colour, fabrics and accessories is a must in order to achieve the best results. Your general design consultation will include up to two hours in your home discussing the scope of work and your design vision in full detail to truly grasp the design you envision.

General recommendations include: ​

Kitchen/Bar & Bath millwork design | ​Interior & exterior finish selections | Flooring recommendations | Lighting | Spatial planning |Colour schemes | Window & wall treatments | Renovation advise

What happens after the consultation?

Design services in addition to your consultation, quote approval, contract finalization and deposit will include:

  1. Concept development including full design layout, colour schemes, furniture, accessory, lighting, flooring and window treatments. Basically anything and everything that is needed to create your space.
  2. Digital floor plans in 2D & 3D rendering to show the design layout and placement of furniture
  3. Detailed and sourced vision boards supporting the design finishes, plans and details
  4. Onsite project management and coordination for all deliveries and trades
  5. Yes, I’ll be your personal shopper for all your sourcing in choosing all fixtures, furniture and finishes
  6. I hope you like numbers because all sourcing and pricing will be shown on a spreadsheet detailing the scope of work provided and reflection of the budget

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  1. My family was thrilled with the designs, colours and new home feeling that Melissa has created for us.
    It has given us the brand, new home feeling again!
    We’re never moving EVER!!!!
    Love my house again!
    Thank you Melissa for your creative ideas and the care you put into your work!!

  2. Melissa designed a beautiful bedroom for me with nothing more than a pillow case and a room outline. Her designs were perfect! Clean, inspiring and everything I didn’t even know I wanted! Melissa was able to capture what I was seeking in my new bedroom, and provided me with everything from the wall and accent colours, furniture placement, decor and curtain ideas right down to designing a new headboard. I am at peace each time I walk in my new room and I would highly recommend her skills and talent.

  3. We needed a new outlook in our kitchen and dining room. Melissa came to take measurements and ask questions about what we were looking to do. She came back with an amazing design, fresh colours and a fantastic, thorough new look! We are in the process of our renovations and can’t wait to see the final results. Thank-you for your professinal, modern perspective! We WILL be contacting you again for future projects. We are happy customers!

  4. Melissa created beautiful accent pillows for my sitting room and an accent pillow for my bedroom. I love them and will have Melissa create more for me.

  5. Melissa came to my bleak apartment and in two hours made it feel like $1,000,000 condo downtown Toronto. We were lost at what to do with the awkward floor plan, and coming home now is a joy :). My husband and I love our apartment and can’t bear the thought of moving now, when before it was all we thought about. Thank you Melissa!

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