eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

A few weeks back I went on a shopping trip with my sister. She just recently moved and decided to repaint her kitchen. As we were standing in Home Depot waiting for our number to be called, I realized that I had no clue as to what paint finish she needed. Thank God for smartphones and Pinterest is all I have to say. So read this and take away that dumbfounded look you give the Home Depot employee when they ask you what finish you would like.

High Traffic Areas & Living Spaces.


Rookie mistakes

90% of the people I talk with cannot stand painting. I get it, it is a lot of work, it is time consuming and can be a mess. If you want your next painting project to go smoothly, follow these handy seven steps and I swear you may even fall in love enough to paint your whole home.

Paint Samples

Rookie Mistake #1

Scraping The Summer Away…

Cottage Painting

I have spent the last week of my summer scraping and painting the outside of my cottage to the point that all I am able to see is Benjamin Moore Tudor Brown with sandstone accents. I will admit, it is better than the 1957 pale pink with white accents and the 1972 Tudor Brown and tangerine orange accents!