Making our way home Episode 003: Dominating House Viewings As A Buyer

Hey  it’s me again. Just dropped another episode of Making Our Way Home and this one is a goodie.   Click the link below to listen or head on over to spotify, google podcasts, radio public, pocket casts, or breaker and hit that search bar. Type in “making our way home” and hit the playContinue reading “Making our way home Episode 003: Dominating House Viewings As A Buyer”

Making Our Way Home Ep. 02 : Finding You Your Sarah

  I went and did it again. Yes, that is right I just dropped another episode of Making Our Way Home where we scheme the real AF dilemmas of home design and you get to sit back and laugh while you listen, read and watch our screw ups, fixes and some pretty bad-ass home décorContinue reading “Making Our Way Home Ep. 02 : Finding You Your Sarah”

So,You’re Moving Out Part One

So, you’ve made it to college/university congratulations. First things first, take that small nasty ass dorm room and change it into a space that you actually want to hangout and sleep in via dorm room decor. School can be hard enough, but having to come back to a place after a crappy class can makeContinue reading “So,You’re Moving Out Part One”

The Final Purge

We have made it to the end of the week. If you are like me, you are headed back home to the parents house to make new connections and design more design stuff. Or you’re smart and didn’t just drive an hour and a half in the cold, instead you stayed in, put on your comfyContinue reading “The Final Purge”

The Purge Part Four

There are lots of knickknacks in any home office and they need to be organized if you want any work to be done. If you are anything like me, nothing can be done until everything is in its place. I don’t really know if this is OCD or me just not wanting to work. ButContinue reading “The Purge Part Four”

The Purge

As we head into the second full week of the year, we find everything is getting back into the swing of things. You go back to work, you hit up the gym and yet you still find yourself irritated by the mess the holidays has left you. Too many presents, not so much room. So,Continue reading “The Purge”

Achieving The Dark Wall

Top trend 2016 will show case to you is dark walls. I, myself am quite excited about this. I am really looking forward to seeing what people do with this trend, the ideas seem to be endless. This moody look is a must on my list of must haves for 2016.  The best part, thereContinue reading “Achieving The Dark Wall”

bright, lively & gorgeous

2016 is bringing back numerous trends from the past years. One that I am particularly interested in is decorating with plants. Side note: God bless my little man Keifer’s soul, I never could have plants because he would eat them all…no matter where I placed them. Don’t worry I’d take a million dead plants aContinue reading “bright, lively & gorgeous”

Bon Voyage 2015

2015 has brought us a variety of great design trends, each one defining themselves in their own way. Some have been carried over from the past year and tweaked to bring a fresh look to it, while others have always been there but not really showcased to show their true potential. 2015 delivered natural elements andContinue reading “Bon Voyage 2015”