All I Want for Christmas part 6

Little late today, I left all my shopping until the last moment like always! So if you are like me and probably forgot something off your list, here are some quick and easy DIY projects for those last minute make your home smell good details!

christmas orange

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26. Last minute table details, scented candle holders. Crafted from an orange peel, are not only delightful for the eyes but also give off a great scent! Carve any design into the peal add a tea light and there you have it. …

All I want for Christmas Part 5

Part five of seven days of Christmas decor but for some of you, the dinner parties have already started. So for the rest that have not started, here are some quick, simple and elegant ways to spruce up and personalize those Christmas tables.

christmas white table

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21. Since there is no snow on the ground, a nice and elegant white Christmas theme will make your table and dining room look chic and sophisticated. Start with white candles, flowers, and napkins these will start your base and top it off with white dishes to make your food pop with colour. …


Bringing back Christmas again with part four of seven days of Christmas decor! Today we are going to dress up the staircase with five top design styles that I believe can work with almost any space.

50 Stunning Christmas Staircase Decorating Ideas - Style Estate

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16. If you like a sophisticated twist on the typical “green” Christmas, this two-toned ribbon ties together the perfect silver and gold look. Add in some greenery to the rail and there you have it, simple yet beautiful.  …

All I Want For Christmas Part 3

On the decor roll again, part three of seven days of Christmas decor! So today’s blog is going to be all about Christmas tree hacking, because what’s Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree!

11. First off is your Christmas tree lacking in fullness? Try adding in some green tinsel or garland, but be sure to layer the tinsel/garland on the inner branches to fill out the tree.

All I want for Christmas Part 1

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is right around the corner and with it comes family, decorations and hours of cooking in the kitchen. If you are like me, you try to push it off as long as possible. So for you late bloomers, here is part one of seven days of decor tips to make decorating your home not only fun but stress free. So bring on the tangled lights, broken ornaments, burnt cookies and let’s get into the holiday spirit!

christmas vase

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