Bathroom Break

New week, new topic. This week we will be talking all about bathrooms. Even though this room is usually overlooked, it can add a big buck to you home if you chose to sell. So, why not make this room a place you want to be in longer than…well however long it takes you to do your business…

Five Mantras

It’s Friday! Time to sit back and enjoy the weekend, or redecorate with these five simple small upgrades. Trust me, they are quick easy and a great way to not only bring life back into your home, but also your own personal style favourites. Marni Jameson’s book titled: House of Havoc, outlines five perfect mantras to live by in your home.  I thought I’d share them with you because I believe that with these five simple changes you can fall in love with you home that much more.

One. The closer something is to your body, the better it should be. This argues for fine sheet and cheap drapes. -Marni Jameson


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Make Me Look Better…Please

Face it, you have a love hate relationship with your home. Even though it is a sacred place where you Netflix and Chill in your pajamas, it just deserves better. Just in time for the weekend, I have gathered up great DIY’s to do around your home. This will not only make your home look more expensive, it will also bring life back into it. So, sit back turn off Netflix and read this kick ass blog!…

Now You Know

Over the last few months, I have started to see a pattern in questions I have been asked. How much paint will I need? How high should I hang my chandelier?  What height should I hang my coat hooks? Well as much as I love to answer your questions, I have made a list of all of these questions plus more. This is your new guide that has all the numbers you’ll need.



Paint Coverage
One gallon of paint will cover about 400 square feet of wall.

For All You Minimalists

For me there’s really nothing better than a sleek, clutter-free home. I have started to cut down my furnishings to the basic shades of black, white, and grey and also have let the grand philosophy, “less is more” to allow me to donate all the junk I have not used in the last six months. I have to say, I am really loving the minimalists design look. The rooms feel more personal, as they only showcase what is really important and bounous they also appear far more larger. So, after much research on how to get the perfect minimalist home, I have come up with 20 beautiful pictures that showcase minimalist perfection.


Always the first thing people see when they walk in your home. This space should be open and welcoming, therefore keeping it simple and open is a must minimal design.

min entrance 3.jpg

Apartment 34

The Final Purge

We have made it to the end of the week. If you are like me, you are headed back home to the parents house to make new connections and design more design stuff. Or you’re smart and didn’t just drive an hour and a half in the cold, instead you stayed in, put on your comfy clothes on and sat back to read this delightful blog. Here are your quick tips for organizing your bedroom!

2016 bedroom 1.jpg

Picture from Pinterest 

Are you finding that you don’t quite have enough storage in your bedroom?…

The Purge Part Four

There are lots of knickknacks in any home office and they need to be organized if you want any work to be done. If you are anything like me, nothing can be done until everything is in its place. I don’t really know if this is OCD or me just not wanting to work. But anyways, here are some clever ideas to use to organize your office.


2016 office.jpg

Picture in Pinterest

First, we need to find something that allows you to place all the things you need your office.…

The Purge Part Three

The two most used spaces in the home, the kitchen and bathroom. Here is your in depth guide to get the most out of your space…

For me, the kitchen is, in my opinion, the space that requires most attention. This is definitely because …

The Purge

As we head into the second full week of the year, we find everything is getting back into the swing of things. You go back to work, you hit up the gym and yet you still find yourself irritated by the mess the holidays has left you. Too many presents, not so much room.

So, this week is going to be:…