Never Go Out Of Style

A new day and new way to design you home. Like I said yesterday, credenza’s are a perfect asset to any space. The storage alone that this perfect piece provides is great, but the final look is the most important. By this, I mean how you are going to style the credenza to create a space that draws people in. So, here are a few ways to showcase this phenomenal piece.



Credenza Lovin’

Calling all credenza lovers out there! If you share the same love I do for these admirable pieces of furniture, you will fully understand why they are a great addition to any space, and I literally mean any space. From your living room to bedroom to bathroom, this marvellous piece of furniture will be your answer to all storage and décor problems.

creddenza 6

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Choose Me?

As a continue on from yesterday, flooring is a great way to add not only profit to your home, it also adds in a beautiful detail to the…

Store Me.

Bathroom storage is usually hard to create. You’ll need to keep towels, toiletries, kids’ toys and all the toothbrushes stored neatly to ensure easy cleaning, and an uncluttered look. This can be hard, so the first storage solution we will look at will take advantage of the height in your space.

Solutions One.

Who’s The Prettiest One Of Them All…

If you’re like me, you try to avoid the mirror in the morning as much as you can. Not because you can’t stand the look of yourself, more like it’s the moment you realize your day is about to start and you can’t crawl back into bed. So, instead of feeling that way in the morning, I have found the perfect concepts to make you excited to look in that mirror. From beautiful designed mirrors to multi purpose storage mirrors, any of these ideas will fulfill the needs of any bathroom.

Mirror One.

Bright Light

Lighting may not seem so important in a bathroom, however, it is something that can make or break the space. I am not only talking about being able to see in the space, I am also talking about the environment the lighting creates. I have pulled together some great concepts and points that will take your bathroom to the next level, starting with….

Tile Work

Bathrooms are probably one of the most used rooms in the house, so why not make them beautiful. Details are always the best way to add character to…

Bathroom Break

New week, new topic. This week we will be talking all about bathrooms. Even though this room is usually overlooked, it can add a big buck to you home if you chose to sell. So, why not make this room a place you want to be in longer than…well however long it takes you to do your business…