Screw The Matchy-Matchy

Your home is a place where a story of who you are should be told, a collection of things you love.  The easiest way to infuse your space with personality you ask? The wonderful world of pattern! There are many ways you can use pattern to achieve a style that’s 100 percent you. Whether you play with colour, scale or design, you are able to mix and match patterns to create an amazing custom look. So, I say screw the matchy-matchy boring décor that you see everywhere and mix it up with patterns that show off who you are as a person or family.


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Pattern isn’t just for the regular eye sight lines, bring peoples eyes up by adding an interesting pattern to your ceiling. This will add a big WOW factor to your space and also give you a one up on your friends and family!…

Contrasting Them Colours.

The hardest part of repainting your home is to stick with one colour…

The struggle is real here people

If you are anything like me, you fall in love with basically any colour swatch you pick up. Lets all accept the truth here, you end up changing your mind a million times and end up with the first colour you picked. Am I right, or am I right? SO! in order to help all of you out, here are four tips for adding contrasting colours to your spaces. Picking one colour that you can manipulate in these four ways. …

Enter Here.

When you walk into someone’s home, you get the exact feeling of their home the second you walk into the entryway. This is where you make or break your home, so in order to take your space from dull to delightful and make a great first impression try some of these hallway decorating ideas.


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Wallpaper Wonderfulness

Little did you know that wallpaper is back in. However, covering a whole room can be quite a commitment and expensive, to boot. So in order to get the look you want, here a a few ways to incorporate wallpaper in a cost saving way but still add oomph to your décor.

Skip the walls.…

Get Crackin’

Hello loves! It is Easter weekend and your family is coming over for dinner, luck you. However, you have no idea how to make that boring old table of yours incorporate the holiday spirit. Not to worry, I am here to help you turn that lacking table into the perfect complement this fun fresh holiday.

For me spring provides a fresh start, so why not make that dining table a fresh natural yummy place to eat, because setting a pretty table is one of my favorite things to do. So, here are four great simple tips to boost that table of yours.…

Fabulous Flushing

Okay, so today we are going to tackle redesigning your bathroom without having to renovate it. In doing this, we are going to take a quick look at how contrast can manipulate your space. On  average your bathroom is about 25-60sq ft of floor space. This does not give you a whole lot of room to work with, however, you still have enough room for some serious WOW factor!

After reading many amazing blog posts on how to make your small bathroom look bigger, by adding more function and storage, I’ve decided to take on a different concept. So, in order to make that small bathroom of yours look fab, you gotta use contrast.

What is contrast you say? Well lets have a little chat about high contrast verses low contrast.…

Black Out

Classic. Clean. Chic. Sophisticated. Are all words that I use to describe in my opinion, the best shade you can use in any space. Black not only goes with any colour, it also adds depth to your space. It can be used to draw people into a location and also to ground a space. Black has a way of showcasing anything around it. So, here are my favourite uses of black for each room in your home. Believe me, after your see what this shade can do you will want to use it in your home.

Front Door.
black 2

Avoid Breaking The Bank Part One.

Are you sick of the look of your home but do not have the money, or even time to fix it up the way you want? Well, I have the answers for you. Try these easy affordable essentials that will give you a big bang for your dollar. …

Upgrade Builder Grade

CONGRATULATIONS, you just bought your new house! … and now you’re broke! However, that does not mean you have to live with that brutal contractor grade lighting, boring natural oak cabinetry and dull bland white walls. With some effort and reading the rest of this blog, transform that beautiful money pit into a home without breaking the bank.

Step One.