WTF are you doing Living-Room Errors.

By now most of you reading this have been in enough living-rooms to know what you like and don’t like. Your family, friends or even random peoples homes you were dragged to because your friend doesn’t want to go to a party alone all have different styles, some good and some not so good. So, in order to get the best reviews for your home, make sure you follow these few steps.Continue reading “WTF are you doing Living-Room Errors.”

Moving In 101

Moving into a new place can be frustrating enough, however trying to decorate while unpacking ha you’re funny. Even the most organized of people never get this right. Let me tell you the simple honest truth, the best rooms evolve over time and some things just can’t be rushed. Even more when you have a limited budget or space. So, I have decided to throw together a few tips that will help you plan your decorating budget for your new space.Continue reading “Moving In 101”

Designing To Help

Today’s blog is not so much about the world of design but how design can help the world. As many of you already know, I have a retail line of custom handmade pillows and knit items. All of my work is based around scraps and any material donation I receive, making them custom and one of a kind.


I recently decided to create a line of unique plush children’s toys. Mels Mushies are handmade plush toys made from scraps and end of the roll material. Each design is original and inspired by the material around it, making them perfect for any child. The benefit of purchasing any of Mels Mushies? The donation you will be making to the Bathesda House in Bowmanville, Ontario. 80% of the cost of each mushie that is sold will be donated to this cause, along with a box full of handmade toys to help women and their children find peace after leaving an abusive relationship.

Finding something more than just making pretty items in an industry that is solely based on making things look good, is a lot more important than most people realise. Being able to take something I love doing and it put a smile on someone else face is far more rewarding than I could of understood. So, please take the time to share this, help take a bad situation and make the light at the end of the tunnel a bit more brighter.

For more information about Bathesda House:

Since its inception in 1992 Bethesda House is proud to have evolved from simply a shelter for abused women and their children to a well-known and respected agency. They provide a comprehensive system of professional supports that are an integral part of their community’s continuum of services to victims of domestic abuse.

Please visit:

Sincerely thank you,

Melissa Margaret.


Are you planning on doing a few upgrades to your kitchen, but either don’t have the time or money to revamp it all? Well, don’t worry here is one design upgrade that will 100% give you a more high end look. By this, I mean an undermount sink, it’s the one thing that you definitely should be considering. So, why is this such a great thing to consider? Well let’s have a look at some of the benefits of undermount sinks.

1/ Are you selling?

Continue reading “Undermount.”

Sayonara Semi-gloss

As most of you already know I always preach that paint is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to dramatically transform a space. However, there is far more to just selecting the right hue, that’s only the beginning. In addition to picking the right paint colour, the finish can be just as crucial in setting the tone for your space. Everyones go to finish is usually semi-gloss, I get that it is a very durable finish and can connect the space together however, there needs to be a change to this aged look. So! I am going to share with you my new favorite obsession.

The Matte Finish.

Here is the perfect break down the best ways to try out this luxe look and why you should say sayonara to that boring semi-gloss finish.Continue reading “Sayonara Semi-gloss”

Everyday I’m Laundering

By far my least favourite chore to do would be laundry. I mean putting the clothes into the washer and dryer is fine, but having to fold and iron them blahhhhh I rather bash my thumbs with a hammer. I blame this all on the fact, that any laundry space I have ever used has been an eyesore.  These spaces usually end up being the junk room or pushed into a dark corner in the basement. So, I have come up with beautiful designs to make you want to spend all your time doing laundry. Deep breath, even folding laundry here would be, dare I say it, enjoyable.

Ashley Winn Design

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Make Your Home Calm AF

With all this nice weather coming our way, this is the best time to do an overhaul on your home. I’ve decided to show all of you some surprising ways to declutter, decorate, and make your home feel chill AF.

Step One Succulents.

Jenacieve Belair

Stop buying fresh cut flowers and opt for succulents. These are not only low-maintenance, they can even help purify the air in your home who doesn’t want that? So find a cut pot or glass vase and create your own succulent garden. Continue reading “Make Your Home Calm AF”

Screw The Matchy-Matchy

Your home is a place where a story of who you are should be told, a collection of things you love.  The easiest way to infuse your space with personality you ask? The wonderful world of pattern! There are many ways you can use pattern to achieve a style that’s 100 percent you. Whether you play with colour, scale or design, you are able to mix and match patterns to create an amazing custom look. So, I say screw the matchy-matchy boring décor that you see everywhere and mix it up with patterns that show off who you are as a person or family.

Pinterest Find

Pattern isn’t just for the regular eye sight lines, bring peoples eyes up by adding an interesting pattern to your ceiling. This will add a big WOW factor to your space and also give you a one up on your friends and family!Continue reading “Screw The Matchy-Matchy”