Super Bowl LI: Patriots Take The Kitchen

Love him or hate him, Brady killed it yesterday in his 25-point comeback over the Atlanta Falcons.


So because of that historic win, why not give you some encouragement to try something maybe not so historic or crazy but lets say… patriotic?


Well, since I spent most of my Super Bowl LI in the kitchen (not eating food and drinking wine..haha…) why not take those now iconic patriots colours and make use of them!

In The Navy

For those of you homeowners out there who love the classic styles in designing, you really should consider incorporating a dark blue into your kitchen scheme. Not only is it understandably unique, it also can be considered an alternative neutral to black or grey.

Rave Red

There’s no better way to add pops of colour in your space than through your appliances! Check out the bold statement this KitchenAid Stand Mixer can make on your counter.

Pure White

White is always a neutral you can find in almost any space. It  can be mixed with just about any other colour making it a perfect base for lighting. Not only will it reflect the lighting but it will also extend a clean look. It also pairs perfectly with gray which leads us into the next colour..


Gray is a must have in any space.  Not only can it be used as a paint colour or fabric swatch it can also be used as a metal. Brushed Nickel is a great go-to finish for any hardware and pairs perfectly with these three colours. Even better mixed with the white in a clean fresh counter/backsplash combo.

So! even if you aren’t a fan of the Patriots, I would have to say that they do have the perfect colour palette for  a kick ass kitchen. Would you not agree?

Hardware: Contemporary Metal Pull
Colours: sherwin williams In the Navy, Pure White, Misty & Rave Red
Counter: Quartz Concepts Ella
Lighting: Muuto


I’m Back, Bitches.

My two month hiatus has been delightful but lets be serious, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

It’s a new year and boyyy do I have some great things coming your way.

I am uber excited about the new jobs I am working on, from custom full home modern renovations to designing homes overseas. 2016 was a great year for me business wise. I learned a lot not only about the whole “running your own business” aspect but a lot about what I wanted and who I wanted to be as a designer.

So, because of all of that I have decided to add some great new content, products and design services to M². At this point I know you are all grasping at the sides of your chairs in excitement to hear about each one of these new services. So, let me tell you a bit about them.

O N E // Design Service: Electronic Design
[virtual Interior Design services]


Well this is exciting, I now offer all online no need for face-to-face design services. Anything from simple colour consultations to full custom house design. If you’re busy, no worries! All I need from you is to fill out a quick questionnaire and BAM! you’re now ready for a new custom design tailored to your specific wants and needs. So! Who do you know that needs help but just doesn’t have the time to sit down with a designer for hours on end? Send them my way, or really to my Electronic Design  page.

T W O // Design Services: Photography
[Commercial & Residential]

Photography has always been a bit of a hobby of mine, so why not add it to the list! I now take Interior & Exterior photographs of design work. For you realtors or homeowners looking to sell a house or for you contractors looking to showcase your beautiful work on your social media, I can help! Check out my photography page to request samples and pricing here!

T H R E E // Products: Retail
[Custom Hand Painted Pillows]


Who doesn’t like their puppy on a pillow? Probably anyone who doesn’t have a puppy! But for those of you who do! I now offer custom hand painted one of a kind pillow cases. You send me a picture, I paint it. However, for the life of me I make people look like aliens. So in saying that, I DO NOT paint people. Don’t send them because I won’t put you through the pain of having to act like you like it. Ha Ha. I swear I can paint, if you don’t believe me check it out here.

F O U R // New Content: Vlog
[This is Interiors]

jan 23 logo renew.png

This has been in the works for the last six months. However! Come February I will now not only be gracing you with my bad ass blogs, but also with my lovely face on my new vlog series, This Is Interiors. What will it entail you ask? Well, you send me your awkward seems to be impossible to do or change anything in this spaces photographs with your concerns and wants and I give you quick and easy tips to transform the space. Easy as that, best part? It’s Free…for now 😉

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful 2016 and 2017 brings nothing but positive vibes your way. Please take a look at the new services or even pass them along to family and friends.

But always remember,

I’m Melissa Margaret
and I help make what you look at matter

Rug, Lighting & Art: Three Ways To Upgrade Your Drab Space On A Small Budget

Soooooooooooo what do you do when you want a full makeover of your space, but have a small budget and major changes are needed? Well first off, lets just forget the whole factor of a full blown reno and instead invest in something you can actually afford. Statement Pieces.

What are these statement pieces you speak of?

Well obviously there are many pieces and elements that go into creating your space. However, there are those few items that make the biggest impacts.  It’s great when you can take one element and draw a whole room design around it. So, this is why these three items have the greatest potential to give you the biggest bang for your money.

Number One: Lighting

Urban Barn

Lighting is usually overlooked in almost all spaces. However, it is defiantly the biggest impact. Not only does it allow you to see the space, (duhhhhh) it also has the potential to change the space. Best part?  There are oh so many more than affordable options out there. From ceiling lamps to floor lamps there are always bargains and floor sample sales. Tip: side tables are always  a great addition to draw a space together, even more when you add a great lamp on them.


Number Two: Rug

Magical Thinking Meema Kilim Woven Rug- Urban Outfitters

This is a element that grounds the space (no pun intended) therefore making it a must have on this list. The endless colours, sizes and patterns that an area rugs have is an instant statement. Tip: When it comes to size, it is always better to have a rug that is too big rather than too small. However, the perfect size is always ideal but it doesn’t always happen. Keep in mind that 8′ x 10′ is the smallest rug to use in a living room.


Number Three: Art

Style At Home

This doesn’t have to be anything expensive. The best part of art is that it has the ability to draw colour into the space and also create a personal touch. Many times rooms are created around one fine piece of art. The bigger the better. Tip: DIY art is always a fun way to add a personal touch to a space. The more you you put in your space the more homey the space feels. There are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, something as simple as framing fabric or even giving your kids some paint. Make it yours.

So, next time you are looking at your space and want to over haul it, think of these few tips and keep that money in your pocket. For wine for after when you are sitting on your couch appreciating the amazing rug, lamp and artwork you just purchased to upgrade your space on a budget! Eh? Yah feel me?

What happens when you ask me to design something for you….and by something I mean pillows.

An exciting new job has been brought to me, and by exciting I mean a client had a beautiful new kitchen installed with a gorgeous eat in bench area to boot. However, when it came to asking about where she could find a bench seat for it, the installers had no clue.

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The “Stop Being Boring Thanksgiving Table Hacks” Canadian Version

For all my Canadian readers out there, this week I’m going to do something a bit different for you. However, it’s not because I’m lazy but because you all have eyes and can see, well at least I hope you can… if not don’t bother continuing it’s all images from here on out!

Over the last year I have been banking a full Pinterest board of my absolute favourite Thanksgiving table settings. Anywhere from simple minimal to country chic to high class over the top. So, below you will find pictures and links to some of the best of the best Thanksgiving table settings, in my book at least haha…

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Feature Friday Volume One.

That feeling you get when your job just becomes ten times easier…Yahh, that’s the exact feeling I got when I walked up to the Nix Color Sensor at the 2015 IIDEX show in Toronto.

If you are a designer and don’t have this gadget, something is wrong with you. The Nix Color Sensor is a must have for any designer and/or colour professional.

Top Three Reasons Why?Continue reading “Feature Friday Volume One.”

So,You’re Moving Out Part One

So, you’ve made it to college/university congratulations. First things first, take that small nasty ass dorm room and change it into a space that you actually want to hangout and sleep in via dorm room decor. School can be hard enough, but having to come back to a place after a crappy class can make it even worse. Being hours and miles away from home can start off scary. However, I will tell you this from experience, if you have a space that makes you feel like home the days seem a lot less stressful.

Lets start by taking anything away from the windows that blocks light. Having Continue reading “So,You’re Moving Out Part One”