The “Stop Being Boring Thanksgiving Table Hacks” Canadian Version

For all my Canadian readers out there, this week I’m going to do something a bit different for you. However, it’s not because I’m lazy but because you all have eyes and can see, well at least I hope you can… if not don’t bother continuing it’s all images from here on out!

Over the last year I have been banking a full Pinterest board of my absolute favourite Thanksgiving table settings. Anywhere from simple minimal to country chic to high class over the top. So, below you will find pictures and links to some of the best of the best Thanksgiving table settings, in my book at least haha…

Feature Friday Volume One.

That feeling you get when your job just becomes ten times easier…Yahh, that’s the exact feeling I got when I walked up to the Nix Color Sensor at the 2015 IIDEX show in Toronto.

If you are a designer and don’t have this gadget, something is wrong with you. The Nix Color Sensor is a must have for any designer and/or colour professional.

Top Three Reasons Why?…

Holy Chic.

Lets get straight to the point, brightly-hued sofas shouldn’t be feared. Many homeowners think that because of their big-impact appeal they are far too much for any space.

Uhh… are you for serious right now?

K E E P > D O N A T E > T O S S

Declutter your life right now…or even better how about after this blog. Trying to figure out what to keep and what to discard is always a daunting task. So, surprise surprise I have found a solution to your problem with multiple questions you should ask yourself …

So,You’re Moving Out Part One

So, you’ve made it to college/university congratulations. First things first, take that small nasty ass dorm room and change it into a space that you actually want to hangout and sleep in via dorm room decor. School can be hard enough, but having to come back to a place after a crappy class can make it even worse. Being hours and miles away from home can start off scary. However, I will tell you this from experience, if you have a space that makes you feel like home the days seem a lot less stressful.

Lets start by taking anything away from the windows that blocks light. Having …

WTF are you doing Living-Room Errors.

By now most of you reading this have been in enough living-rooms to know what you like and don’t like. Your family, friends or even random peoples homes you were dragged to because your friend doesn’t want to go to a party alone all have different styles, some good and some not so good. So, in order to get the best reviews for your home, make sure you follow these few steps.…