Modest Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s life. Before you make those annoyingly obvious interior styling mistakes, read this. Mistake Number 10 Clusters of Clutter Image from Pinterest

Dominate the Dorm Room

It’s that time of year again when you or your children fly the coop. The high school graduates gleefully pack-up all their belongings and head off to post-secondary education. Upon arrival, you can tell that the rooms give off a very dull and cold design. Not to worry! This year, take that blank canvas andContinue reading “Dominate the Dorm Room”

Scraping The Summer Away…

I have spent the last week of my summer scraping and painting the outside of my cottage to the point that all I am able to see is Benjamin Moore Tudor Brown with sandstone accents. I will admit, it is better than the 1957 pale pink with white accents and the 1972 Tudor Brown andContinue reading “Scraping The Summer Away…”

Out With The New, In With The Old.

Vintage can be defined as nothing more than to insinuate an identifiable period of time. Whatever you can do to invoke your chosen time period is basically fair game. It is a formed impression, but not one particular piece of the puzzle. This basically defines my life. From a young age, I have always seemedContinue reading “Out With The New, In With The Old.”

1940’s Love

The 1940’s was a very influential decade.Times were hard as these years were met by WWII, but it also caused a strong impact on the way design was looked upon. Many soldiers were coming home causing their families to turn back to a time before the war. Traditional decor styles began to resurface, with new modernContinue reading “1940’s Love”