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Hey, it’s Mel again!

This week we are just going to go ahead and scheme the real as fuck dilemmas of that forever questionable extras list you may have been handed when you decided to opt for a new build home. Don’t worry we received a similar list from our builder and I am going to share with you how we walked our way through this “is it worth it?” list.


We bought our house back in March from a floor plan and as much as I would love to say that we had no issues, I really cannot. It honestly pains me to say that because we are so not even mad about it now. HOWEVER, I promised to tell the truth and only the truth so, here it is.

Like anything in life there is always going to be a few hiccups along the way and for us those hiccups came because we decided we wanted to buy a new build from plans.

When we told our realtor Sarah that we were interested in looking at the house in more detail, she said that she was able to get us a package with all of the plans for the free hold townhomes.


The plans that were sent over had two different options when it came to layouts. Our unit that we selected ended up having a walk-in pantry in the kitchen and walk in laundry room on the second floor. This also matched the unit beside us however, the first two units had a floor plan of a corner pantry in the kitchen and a cl

oset laundry room on the second floor.

We love the idea of having a walk-in pantry, so we were super psyched that we had that option on our floor plan and we did not have to opt for a ddifferent unit with a different plan. However, this is not the case. Skip forward a few months after building started and we went to look to take a peek. We legit parked at the back of the house across a few backyards and we use binoculars to look in the back windows.


All I really remember doing was laughing a bit and when handing binoculars to A I said, “you are going to be mad” and of course he was.


But reasonably so! We signed off on a plan that was provided to us a they said nothing about it being an option because if you did not like that option would you not pick another unit? We also were never told by their realtor that this was even an option to pick from, if it was on the plan that is what you should be getting. Right?

Honestly, in the end after speaking with their realtor and him explaining the reasoning (he could have been nicer about it, btw) the reason why they did what they did, made a lot more sense and we ended up gaining five feet on the living space. He was rude but I will give them this one.


We did however get the second floor walk in laundry room.


There was not really anything else that stood out to be completely different when it came down to the floor plan. There were other things that were slightly different but  were more good surprises then anything.


When we were going through the paperwork, they had reference photos of what the space may look like. In the master ensuite, they had white subway tile for the walk-in shower. We were kind of excited by that and we really liked the look of it. When we ended up going through our first little walkthrough, we ended up seeing that it had the floor tile in the shower. Surprised? A little, mad about it? Not at all.


We also noticed that we have a extra wide staircase leading up to the second floor. Surprised? Yes, love it? Absolutely.


We also found out that they ran central vac pipes throughout the entire house. Surprised? Yes, am I getting a central vac now? Hell yeah!


There is a bunch of other things but let us keep that for our first house walk through. We all know seeing them is better than hearing about them.


For now, I will say we are extremely pleased and cannot wait to show off the beautiful craftsmanship and finishes of our new home. I am extremely picky, and I do not think I have ever been this impressed on any new builder any renovation ever.


But now let us get back to what you are here for what did we add and what did we pass on for our extras that were offered to us. Also, why we picked what we picked. Take a look at the list below…



I realize that a lot of those options I said that we can do ourselves but that might not be the option for you. That is why I highly encourage you to do your research first. Shop around and get a few different quotes and compare them. Sometimes you can find cheaper options for example for fencing.

BUT then you have instances where it is a better option to go with the extra such as running a gas line to the backyard.

It is better in the long run to get things like this installed during construction because to install them afterward you would involve having to cut drywall out and sometimes it can just be more pain than it is worth.


You also must look at the cost of bringing in someone to install the hook up, labor, parts and permits. You are also looking at bringing another person into your house during a pandemic. The list just goes on and on and on and in the end it is easier to just pay the extra $450 because its worth your sanity and will most likely end up being the same cost in the end anyways.


I will always say it and I will continue to say it,



it will save you a lot in the long run, I promise!


We added about $2000 worth of extras to our home with the resale value in mind for a lot of these upgrades. Knowing the numbers that we know now for the amount the house can be sold for today, it is pennies compared to the resale value and purchase price comparison.


Oh and one last thing it was not really an extra when it came to cost, but it was for us. A little extra we love is the finish we went for in our kitchen. Out of all the houses that we peeked in the windows to; we were the only house that went with a wood grain finish for the cabinetry. There is nothing wrong with going all white but there is also nothing right with going all white in my option. I know everybody loves a good white kitchen and gets butthurt over somebody who does not like them. I would not say I hate them; it is just there is more options than that and it is also just not our thing.


I have designed enough of them to know that the upkeep on them is not something I want to deal with.

Going with something a little bit bolder was a huge thing for us and something that took a lot of time to decide on. Longer that I would like to admit, to be honest.

The first option that we did pick sadly was discontinued so we had to go with another option for the kitchen. BOO

However, what we ended up with was nothing but pure magic because holy hell that is one sexy masculine kitchen. I know not everybody is going to like it, that is totally OK. Just do not leave a passive aggressive a message or comment on it please and thank you.


This is what we love, and we are very happy with it.


So that is a wrap on this week’s post of making your way home. I hope these points helped you with those pesty little extra lists that your builders will be sending over to you.

Just keep in mind if you ever ever ever have any questions do not be scared reach out to me via Instagram. All you have to do is slide into my DM’s an ask your questions because I love helping you guys.



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Once again, I am Mel you just read another post of making our way home where we scheme the real AF dilemmas of home design in the house buying process.


Thank you so much now stay savvy stay healthy and let’s fall in love with our homes.


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