hold up! stop! take a second to give yourself a high-five because you just took the first step to figuring out what you want from your home. Whether you are looking to buy a new build, an existing home or even just looking to rent I got you.


Say hello to, making our way home where we scheme the real AF dilemmas of home design where you get to sit back and laugh while you listen, read and watch our screw ups, fixes and some pretty bad-ass home décor DIY’s. FYI if you aren’t a fan of exploits, this probably won’t be the place for you. Emotions really aren’t felt unless there is a few shits tossed in right?  ANYWAYS


You comfy? if not, I’m pretty sure you want to get to that level because we’re about to lay some shit down on the first ever episode / post of making our way home.


Episode One: Welcome & What the hell do I want?






Hey I’m Mel

A millwork junkie, a wife, a designer, a creator, a multi business owner and defiantly a caffeine independent life form that is now a bran new homeowner!

Before we get started here on our first post of making our way home here is a little info on who you are about to start reading about. It is me, Mel.


I graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor of interior design worked for a bit said screw this and have been running my own business for the past five years. I specialize in custom millwork cabinetry in the kitchen and bath Department. We are military family over here and that means we move around A LOT but for once, we are going to be around long enough to buy our first home and lucky for you, you get to come along for the ride.


For years I have helped clients create their perfect home and now it is my turn. I’ve always been so limited on what I can do in our rentals so, I’m very excited to be able to not only have free range on the house we own, but I’m even more excited for the fact that:


1. no ones live there and there is no dents in the baseboards

2. I can freaking paint. We have only ever lived in one place where I could paint and yes, I painted a mustard yellow wall in our living room, and it was fantastic.

3. it is a whole new experience and I wanted to share it with you because this shit is freaking hard! And if any of this or any of our mistakes can help you or inspire you it will be worth it.


We’re going to dive deep into the process of buying a newly build home, finding the perfect team to get to you what you need, what extras you should get and what ones are a waste of money, how to pick your finishes, basically anything and everything when it comes to your home. Also, it will all be paired with free prints off for figuring out your must haves, house rating sheets and final walkthrough checklists. That easy, I am that nice.


We are also going to talk about what you need to look for and the right questions to ask so the wool does not get pulled over your eyes. This is not something the typical human does on the daily so, watch out for future episodes and posts with real talks from the people you need most when buying a home.


Your home should be a place that makes you happy and that happy feeling needs to be there throughout the whole process.


So, let me take on the frustration and you can laugh at our pain along with many lessons learned. I do not mind taking one for the team.


Each week I’ll be sharing with you firsthand experiences and how-to’s. You can follow up as we make our way home here on my podcast, written form on my blog or when it gets real good and video footage is needed there will be vlogs and yes, those vblogs will be some bad-ass home DIY’s that you yourself can do in your own home. Oh and it gets even better because since I’ve been renting for so many years, a lot of these design hacks are going to be rental friendly. Being a designer, I am continually changing our house consistently so the less fixups and damage I make the better for everyone.


In saying all of this, how about we dive into today’s first tidbit the main question and probably the most important


What the hell do I want?


Yep, that is a loaded question but don’t stress I’ve already done that and then came up with a dummy proof way of getting you all of the answers and yes, it comes with a form of a free printable.


Details on how you can get your hands on this at the end but before that, I feel the need to give you a little bit of a back story as to how I created this easy AF list you can follow.


So, basically long story short what we got is everything we said we did not want. However! I will say, you know you have a great realtor when they are able to see your life better than you and end up presenting you with a more realistic plan.


As you know an if you do not, A and I purchased our first home that just so happened to be a 1600 square foot two story new build townhome.


A woke up one morning sometime in February and said we are celebrating our champagne birthdays this year by buying a house (this was pre Covid by the way). I do not even remember how I responded, I’m pretty sure I just laughed rolled my eyes and went back to my email. Well apparently, he was a lot more serious about this than I was because he started to book viewings.


We have talked about a house numerous times and we knew what we wanted. However, our stupid asses thought a farm was a brilliant idea. Thinking about it now, it is hilarious to me because we did not consider our lifestyle at all in that idea. We just figured we love animals lets get a farm it will not be hard.


I legit want to smack myself right now that’s how dumb that idea was.


If there are any military spouses reading or service members, I feel like you can relate to the story I am about to tell you. Basically, the military is a different lifestyle. You can know people that are in the military, but you really do not know what it is like until you are in it living it. I cannot explain it any other way but besides the fact that you need to get ready to plan to never plan. Yes, that is right because if you do, it will not at all go as planned.  In saying that, here is a Prime example of how planning is completely stupid.


Last week Tuesday, A got a text from a co-worker about an upcoming training course. When he made it back into work on Thursday, he was told that he would be starting Monday on course and he will no longer be on shift.


The reason why I am saying this is because we are supposed to be moving mid October and if you are on course you do not get to take time off at all. This is giving me flashback memories of when we got married back in August of 2018. We apparently love to do things on the fly like planning a wedding in four months. The funny thing is when we decided to get married,  and then when we started planning, A was deployed out to South Dakota. In those four months of planning he got home three weeks before we got married. I planned the whole wedding (with my mom’s help obviously) but this is now giving me vibes of “hey girl, guess who gets to move all your crap by yourself?”


Yah! go military for yet again coming between us and our important life milestones!! In all seriousness though, thank you to everybody who serves, and I know there is a hell of a lot more things to worry about then your husband helping you move into your new house. I just like to bitch.


I am going to come back to the reason why I even told you that story, remember that stupid not at all brilliant idea of wanting a farm? Well…


At that moment I wish I would have had this breakdown sheet because it would have saved our realtor Sarah a hell of a lot of time. In a market where homes are selling so fast it is important that you have somewhat of a realistic view of what you want.


Your realtor (if they are good), should be asking you these questions anyways but this is a list that has questions you may not have even thought of. We did not when we were looking and that is why you are now learning from screw ups.


The more information you can provide the better response you are going to get from your realtor. It also gets you closer to finding your home, which is the end game.


This also allows you to come up with a realistic budget as well, making it easier for you to be pre-approved and have a one up on the bidding process. The one thing that we have learned early on was, the more information, prepared financial documents and solid decisions the easier the process went. So, like I said laugh at our pain and make sure you grab this list.


You are going to dive into the basics like location, how many bedrooms you want, how many bathrooms you want and how small or big of a house you want to end up cleaning. All of that fun stuff but like I said this free print out makes you think bigger and by that I mean…


water supply do I want my own well or do I want to be on town water?

Do I want to have to pay to get my poop pumped or is a sewer a must have?

Is there security system? Will the internet connection be fast enough to allow for that?

Do I own the hot water tank or am I renting the hot water tank?


This is adulting on the highest-level people! I have never felt so old and yet so young all at the same time.


Buying a house is a lot, renting is one thing and I am not shitting on you at all I love renting it is just buying a house is a lot to take on. It is a lot of money; it is a lot of hard work and it is a hell of a lot of planning. Things can go great and terribly wrong all in one day. Believe me I have lived it.


For me personally, it was an emotional ride. This isn’t the post to talk about that quit yet but in saying that, I’m going to go back to how important planning and knowing what you want is.


If you are here because you need help on the home buying process, you are just interested in learning some stuff or you are my mom, I got you.


Follow A and I on this somewhat wild ride making our way home. Where we schemed the real as fuck dilemmas of buying a home and the design process that comes after. Real stories, firsthand experiences, and some pretty bad-ass DIY’s.


Plus a few freebies along the way such as the what the hell do I want breakdown worksheet that you can grab when you subscribe to my mailing list! Make sure you sign up on the home page or below. You can also find my socials there as well so you can follow along real time and also get a heads up on that $150 launch day giveaway I have going on!


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Once again I’m Mel and you just let me rant for to the first ever post of making our way home where we scheme the real AF dilemmas of home design .


Thank you so much for reading and if you’re still here to read this this you’re a real one, I appreciate you and thank you

Stay savvy, stay healthy, now let’s fall in love with our homes!

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