Crazy to say but I really enjoy working with clients that are looking to update a space on an affordable budget. Obviously, an affordable budget can vary it truly depends on what retailers you use. From Wayfair to West Elm to Restoration Hardware there is always going to be pieces that will fit within your budget.
My Opinion:

it’s all about mixing the high and low and that’s what gives a space personality

Evidently, I do have clients and friends who come to me with a budget that well lets just say won’t do justice for their “full room makeover” wants.

Hence this blog…

SO what do you do when the dollar amount doesn’t add up to the want amount? You pull out these three tricks to make the biggest bang for your buck.

Three Incredibility Easy Ways To Instantly Transform Any Space:

O N E – Rug

Calisa Block Printed Rug

Area rugs add more than just warmth to a space, they also add texture, colour and are a great filler. The key to adding an area rug is choosing the right size, it’s always better to have an area rug that is too big rather than too small.

Here’s a quick tip: usually in the living area the trick is to have all furniture legs on the rug for a luxe feel. However, you can also go front legs only on the rug, making it more of a casual vibe. Either way, anything smaller than an 8×10 will likely be too small for most living areas so keep 8′ by 10′ as a starting point.

When done right, an area rug can do no harm!

T W O – Art


The best part of art is that it doesn’t have to be super fancy and cost you hundreds. Great art can be as simple as some fabric framed or even a mirror counts. If there is no room in the budget for new furniture, take peoples attention away from there and plant it on the walls. Just like the area rugs, it’s better to go bigger than smaller.

T H R E E – Lighting


Funny how people always seem to overlook lighting. They don’t realize that this aspect of your space can be so powerful. If you are looking for a simple update, the easiest and I’d say the least expensive way to update lighting is with table lamps. Match them though, it really pulls together the room.

Obviously, chandeliers and pendants are a bit more expensive but are oh so, so elegant. Make sure you always check out websites for sales, Wayfair is always good for this!!

Now go and update your space on these three key tricks. OH and don’t forget, I’m always here to help.


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