Hey! I know I haven’t been around in a while, business and life have been a bit hectic to say the least. Good news? I’m back and ready to hop back on the innerweb’s and share this vast knowledge of mine I have on this thing called design.

I hope you are all safe also, healthy at home and I’m stoked that I get to write about how our home is an extension of our own personal style for you today. We’re going to learn about why it is important we show personal style within our home and how you can incorporate that, especially, now that we are at home more than ever.

Note! Being someone who rents and moves quite a bit means, all of these tips are all rental friendly and do not require you to remove a wall or paint if you don’t want to.  You’re welcome.

Now more than ever, we’re going to embrace our spaces, we’re going to use every square inch and design with purpose and meaning.

The spaces in your home are opportunities for you to express yourself in a way that makes you happy, comfortable and welcomed every time you walk into that space.

You might be asking yourself…. how do I do this? How can I bring personal style into my home? Even more without just framing a family photo and tossing a few decorative throw pillows that I’m not actually a fan of, I just thought they would look nice.

Don’t stress it’s a lot easier than you may think. BUT just in case, I’ll break it down for you:





This is a big one and something I’ve had challenges within the past within my own home.

For me, my own style is moody and dark AKA my whole wardrobe is basically a monochrome lovers delight and that’s all you ever saw in the design style of our past homes. Very monochrome and masculine blacks, earth tones and wood… Now that I think about it, it was basically the colours of camo in a grand scheme of things… so for my husband, someone who wears camo almost every day for work, probably doesn’t want to come home to it as well… I mean don’t get me wrong the spaces where great but I get where he was coming from. Especially now that we live on an army base as well. ANYWAYS back to it, his civilian clothes are a freaking rainbow compared to mine and you can see that in our home now because of one fantastic gift he gifted me.

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Marbelle dining room chairs Structube

My amazing Structube mustard dining room chairs. These babies motivated me to embrace the love we have for antiques, vintage , retro style  and oldies music. PLUS A’s love of colour and my obsession of finding the perfect mustard yellow.

So, now you’ll see all of that in our home through pop art wall tapestries and the mid-century modern vibe you kind of get when you walk in. You’re also going to see that basically every room has some sort of pop of mustard. Whether it be through pillows or chairs or curtains, or brass candle sticks the list is endless as long as it’s some sort of yellow tone.

Its funny because we always get people saying that they just feel cozy in the space but are surprised because you wouldn’t really think that just by looking at it. You need to sit down and experience the area Even though a space can look beautifully designed, it can also create that sense of comfort and home without it even being yours. I credit a lot of that to the colours and tones in the space and of course the really comfy throw pillows.

How do you achieve this?

Think of something you love and break it down.

Look at colours that are incorporated into that theme

What materials are used

What style or fashion era does it come from?

What do you love about it ?

How does it make you feel?

Questions like this will give you the answers you need to achieve the perfect start to influencing your personal style into your home décor.


Make room for your INTERESTS

So, I hear that you love playing an instrument or painting or even playing board games.


Dedicating a space in your home for a hobby will not only make it easier to do what you love; it also gives a glimpse into your life and interests to your guests.

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for the love of record players

For us, our living room is the hub of the home. You’ll find a large section of our vinyl collection and about 1.. 2.. 3 record players (you don’t even want to know how many we have). You’ll also find our favourite art in this space as well that incorporates both art and music influences. Also my forever growing collection of house plants that not only help clean the home, but also brings some beautiful organic colour to the space.

There’s no tv on this floor. I did this on purpose so the space kind of forces you to talk and no be distracted by someone talking on a screen. This is a space that focus on something we love.   Vinyl, cocktails, company oh and scrabble.


Souvenirs from a favourite vacation or photos taken from a wild night out with friends.


Not only will they bring your personality into your space, they will also spark memories for friends + family. Better yet, it’s a conversation starter.

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made in africa

For us, we have a lot of hand carved wood masks and statues from Africa,

A’s family is from there and any time anyone travels to or from, we always ask them to grab us something carved.

It’s a representation of family being at a distance and a reminder to reach out to them but also a huge part of his family history and culture incorporated in a subtle but powerful way.

This can also be applied to second hand finds or antiques.


We have this amazing fireplace bar record player that has a wild history behind it that as we can tell is pretty accurate after some research (pictured above).

I won’t go into detail, but I will say there’s a very high chance that Elvis spun a record on this piece in a music store way back when.

It’s a piece that has a purpose but also a piece that starts great story about someone we love listening to.


The always forgotten about one, Smell

Whether we know it or not our homes do have their own particular scent, your scent.

Make your home smell pleasant and personal by

Burning a candle with your favourite scent

Add in a diffuser with lavender essential oils

Keep eucalyptus left out in a vase on display (watch out this can be poisonous to fur babies, make sure you do your research)

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This Is Interiors concrete dish

For myself, I smudge sage every morning as part of my morning routine and we also almost always have a intense going. Some people like to use room sprays, it kind of does the same thing.

But just remember keep the scent subtle don’t overwhelm the space.

The smell of your home is basically the same as putting on perfume. You’re not going to put on something that smells like butt your going to grab that Chanel no 5 and own the day.

You should be thinking the same way when it comes to your home.

Pick a scent you love. If you love spring use fresh cotton or lemon, love fall use an apple cinnamon scent or pumpkin spice, I won’t judge if its June and you’re still rocking that.


I’m a big believer that everything in your home needs to have meaning.

Those perfect magazine edited photos are great inspiration but what they are lacking is human connection of self style.

What you surround yourself with says a lot about you so, take advantage of that. If you love something and it brings you joy, use it in your space.

I’m not saying that cookie cutter look is bad, that’s totally okay if you like that. I’m just encouraging you to bring in some elements that define who lives there.

Stop filling your wall with pointless filler images or random HomeSense art, play around with the tones of your own family photos, friends’ photos, traveling photos. Mix it up! do a black and white scheme or bright bold colour blocks. Photoshop is fun, try it.

You can still achieve that polished look with personality.



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