As I sit in front of this computer I’m sure somewhere in my house there is a plant slowly dying. It’s not from the lack of love, it’s from too much love clearly! I mean the more you water the bigger they grow right?

Well I learned quickly that THAT IS CLEARLY NOT the way to take care of plants. It’s beyond frustrating when you love something so much but for the life of you, you can’t quite keep it going…or alive? I’m just going to go ahead and admit it. I’m a houseplant serial killer. If you’re just like me and tend to not be able to keep things alive (don’t worry my cat and dog are 100% alive and well), I have found the top practically no sun needed, little to no love required and the perfect “I’ll go along with the fact that we’re both surprised I haven’t killed it yet” vibe of house plants just for you!!!

There are soo many different types of plants out there that are super easy to take care of. Sometimes you aren’t always able to find the more unique ones so for this blog, I am going to give you a jam-packed list of eight plants that you can find a your local flower shop, home improvement store or green house.

Get your fingers ready to screen shot now because damn, this list is lively Pun intended.



Let’s start this thing off with one plant that is forever forgiving. Snake plants thrive on neglect. They require little light and are extremely drought tolerant. All you have to do is water when the soil is dry, easy as that and if you kill this one maybe hit up the faux plants section in Michaels



The standard variety of aloe vera is dual purpose making it totally bad-ass. Being both decorative and producing skin-saving properties to help with burns and cuts it’s totally worth the little extra care it comes with. By this I don’t mean you need to watch it every day, it just prefers bright light and only likes to dry out a little bit between watering.  So give it the TLC it needs because this is one of my favourties!



ZZ (Zamioculas Zamiifolia) plant is basically fake so yah can’t kill it! It can tolerate any lighting but loves low light. Also, again this lovely is extremely drought tolerant and only needs water when soil is dry as a bone. So yes, going away for the week is an option with this guy.



Dracaena Marginada is a perfect “tree” plant. This baby can grow up to 8′ tall and can survive in any light condition. Again, keeping it easy for you this lovely is also drought tolerant and only needs watering when the surface is dry. Your welcome!


my house

Ah the queen of all hanging plants. This lovely is beyond easy to take care of so easy in fact, that you will find it in almost every room of my house. I mean when something only needs minimal lighting and can live in just water or just soil, you hold onto them. They also love to hang and grow in long strands making it easy and fun to pin up on the wall or hang over the curtain rod.

Rubber Tree Plant


This guy is bold. The big, heart leaves and overall shape of this one is a must! This plant is more of a light sucker and loves to be a bit moist at all times. I’m a fan of the little bit of change in colour this guy offers as well.

Lipstick Plant


You’ll find this one in my bathroom because clearly the name says it all. I love the little red flowers it produces for a small pop of colour. This lovely doesn’t need direct sun light but loves a bright area. Like the rest, this one only needs watering when the top inch is dry.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


Again, you will find one of these in basically every room of my house. I will say that this is a hit or miss with people. I’ve never had an issue with my plants, I average about a full leaf a week on my smaller plants and about one leaf every week and a half on my larger plants. As long as you keep this guy in a bright space you’ll be good. But keep in mind, they don’t like to be moved once you find a home for it LEAVE IT THERE. Once you start moving it around from room to room, he’s going to panic and that’s when you will start to see the leaves turn brown and fall off. So let it be! and keep the soil moist always and before you know it you’ll be best friends!  

Well loves, there you have it. In the name of all house-plants everywhere, I wish you luck and let us all hope the plant serial killer list of names can shorten after this read.



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  1. L Lamers


    Thank you! Nice read with great information. I am keeping this handy for when I renovate my house and need to fill some spaces up.

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