Are you dreaming of a new kitchen or thinking of ways to upgrade your current kitchen? Well, here is a free tip on a easy way to instantly update your kitchen. You may think that this is a small item but it has  a rather large impact not only on design, but price.

Of course we are talking about undermounting your kitchen sink.

So, for those of you who do not know what that is, an undermount sink is a sink that is mounted under the countertop. This is the updated way of the more traditional way of overmount sinks, which are inserted into a pre-cut hole in a countertop, leaving a lip overlapping the countertop.

So now you’re asking yourself “why are these sinks so much better?”

Well, let me tell you.

  1. You can make more money off of them.
    And now you’re thinking I’m crazy, BUT I’m not! Many new home buyers somehow convince themselves thanks to the handy dandy real-estate agents, that having a undermount sink is a upgraded feature in a kitchen.  I mean, I’m not going to argue that. It does and will give any kitchen a updated clean look, so why not get a few dollars for a easy upgrade?

  2. Unique design feature. Who doesn’t like something that their friends don’t have? Yeah, pretty much all of you reading this right now, don’t lie 😉 Well here you have it, undermount sinks may be becoming more common however, there are more styles than one would think. You have the typical undermount then you have your bad ass farmhouse sink. This an easy way to instantly add in a unique detail to your kitchen and grab peoples attention. Even better, it comes in all different finishes and styles.

  3. As many of you know, I’m no follower of design trends. However, undermounted sinks tend to follow the contemporary design trends of today’s homeowners. It provides the clean, simplistic almost hidden look many people are looking for today in the style of their home.

  4.  It may not be much but these sinks do provide a bit more counter space. By not having the annoying crumb clinging lip around the sink, a undermount allows for the countertop to run right to the edge of the cut out. So, not only does it look cleaner, it actually is… around the edge at least.

  5. Kind of playing off the previous point, undermount sinks allow for your eye to glide across the whole counter without any disruption of the edge. Since the counter flows right to the edge, your eyes continue along without stopping to see what is on top.

  6. One thing a dislike most about sinks is, the fact that many come with pre-drilled holes for the faucet.  Benefit to undermounts, since they sit on the underside of the counter, no holes are required on the sink itself. So now, that clean one hole faucet you loved oh soooo much, you can now have. No sacrifice on beautiful design.

  7. Finally, these sinks come in all colours, shapes, materials and designs. Finding the perfect sink has never been so easy.


So, now that I have you thinking about how to make your kitchen totally bad ass, take this blog and make the perfect change to your kitchen. Oh and if you need help picking out the right countertop, make sure you come back next week, I’ll be covering that.



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