Love him or hate him, Brady killed it yesterday in his 25-point comeback over the Atlanta Falcons.


So because of that historic win, why not give you some encouragement to try something maybe not so historic or crazy but lets say… patriotic?


Well, since I spent most of my Super Bowl LI in the kitchen (not eating food and drinking wine..haha…) why not take those now iconic patriots colours and make use of them!


In The Navy

For those of you homeowners out there who love the classic styles in designing, you really should consider incorporating a dark blue into your kitchen scheme. Not only is it understandably unique, it also can be considered an alternative neutral to black or grey.


Rave Red

There’s no better way to add pops of colour in your space than through your appliances! Check out the bold statement this KitchenAid Stand Mixer can make on your counter.


Pure White

White is always a neutral you can find in almost any space. It  can be mixed with just about any other colour making it a perfect base for lighting. Not only will it reflect the lighting but it will also extend a clean look. It also pairs perfectly with gray which leads us into the next colour..



Gray is a must have in any space.  Not only can it be used as a paint colour or fabric swatch it can also be used as a metal. Brushed Nickel is a great go-to finish for any hardware and pairs perfectly with these three colours. Even better mixed with the white in a clean fresh counter/backsplash combo.

So! even if you aren’t a fan of the Patriots, I would have to say that they do have the perfect colour palette for  a kick ass kitchen. Would you not agree?

Hardware: Contemporary Metal Pull
Colours: sherwin williams In the Navy, Pure White, Misty & Rave Red
Counter: Quartz Concepts Ella
Lighting: Muuto


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