An exciting new job has been brought to me, and by exciting I mean a client had a beautiful new kitchen installed with a gorgeous eat in bench area to boot. However, when it came to asking about where she could find a bench seat for it, the installers had no clue.

SOOOOO even though trade shows are long days of continuous talk about yourself and how good you are and why people should hire you and handing out about a million business cards hoping that someone, anyone will call you for some job because they remember you and how good you are and why the actually need to hire you. breathe.

It’s worth it. Even if it’s just one call. 

Well, I got that call and low and behold it was for something that not a lot of people actually create apparently. A custom bench seat. With the addition of custom pillows (well, maybe not this but mine are special so, deal with it).

Since not a lot of you really know what I do and what I provide to every  customer, I thought that this was the perfect time to go through step by step how I create and make what you look at matter.

Even though this customer found me through a trade show, I have had many other clients find me through friends, family and previous clients, my online presence and even a Starbucks Drive Thru. Any way that you find me I will always send you to Design Services page on my website. There, you will be able to find all the services I do and don’t do. Fancy that.

When it comes to this project my client used Service Number Six.

6. Custom Sewing  / Knitting
Hand/ Machine/  Knit
As much as I love to design on a computer, I also have a huge love for working with my hands. I have opened my own line of home décor items, you can find them on my retail site. In saying that I also provide custom sewing and some knit project. If you are looking for something unique and one of a kind, you found the right girl. Contact me today!

20161017_204734_HDR.jpgOnce I know this is what you want, I book a meeting ASAP to get a feeling of the space and also you as a client (I don’t ask a lot when we first meet I’m more interested in looking at your home, so don’t think that I have no idea what I am doing I’m just all about the views lol).  I also take notes and usually measurements if needed (as seen here, my janky ass spelling mistake scribble ball of mess only I can read).

So, after I get what I need from your space, I make a stop off at my fabric supplier and pick a few samples I believe will achieve the look the client visualizes20161017_203922_HDR.jpg. For this project the client was adamant about wanting a black bench seat with a pop of colour. The kitchen is a crisp white with beautiful clean gray walls and brownish-gray wood floors. She also had purchased nice clean lined chairs upholstered in golds, blacks, grays and browns that are used in the living room. However, she wanted to be able to incorporate for more seating if need be around the bench area. So, I spent about an hour in Fabricland and found, what I think is going to be the best complement for all of her needs. A textured black and gray thick warm fabric that will draw interest to the seat (rather than just going with a basic bitch solid black), a solid and printed yellow fabric for 18″ by 18″ pillows and also a simple gray for 14″ by 20″ pillows that ties into the walls and the patterned fabrics to bring it all together.

Next you ask? I do this….

cindy pillows one.png

This is where I stand out. Not a lot of people who sew are going to give you a full drawing of what your space is going to look like. THIS IS WHY having a design background helps. I know how to use these amazing programs, why not take an extra hour  (free of charge BTW) to really show your client you care about what they really want (also not a lot of people can visualize the end product, no big deal that’s why you hire me and I take that extra step to help you visualize. eh? eh? Yep. You’re Sold.).cindy pillows three.pngcindy pillows two.png

Having a good rapport with your clients is a big deal for me, so being able to to a bit extra for them allows me to know that they will 100% be happy with the end product.

Quote, Fabric Samples & Design Sketches

These are sent off to the client and then I wait for changes or a go ahead.

As for this project, come back for the end results.

Now you know what I do when it comes to designing pillows for you.


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