For all my Canadian readers out there, this week I’m going to do something a bit different for you. However, it’s not because I’m lazy but because you all have eyes and can see, well at least I hope you can… if not don’t bother continuing it’s all images from here on out!

Over the last year I have been banking a full Pinterest board of my absolute favourite Thanksgiving table settings. Anywhere from simple minimal to country chic to high class over the top. So, below you will find pictures and links to some of the best of the best Thanksgiving table settings, in my book at least haha…


Those candle sticks… Via Jenny Steffens 


Simple flowers…Via Home Stories A to Z


Loving the blue…Via Daisy Mae Belle


Life’s always better with gold…Via Sophia’s 


Unique table…Via Waiting on Martha


A.Outside B. Colours…Via A Place for Us


Simple Clean Classy…


Use of scarf for table runner LOVE…HomeSense Canada


Brown Paper for a table cloth…


Pop of purple, who would of thought…


Simple and effortless…


Unique spin on the original concept…Giggles Galore


Gold Gold Gold…

Like I said before, these are just a few of the amazing unique table settings that I have come across. A lot of these were picked for their unique twists and original flair. Mix it up this holiday season and do something you usually wouldn’t think of doing.




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