That feeling you get when your job just becomes ten times easier…Yahh, that’s the exact feeling I got when I walked up to the Nix Color Sensor at the 2015 IIDEX show in Toronto.

If you are a designer and don’t have this gadget, something is wrong with you. The Nix Color Sensor is a must have for any designer and/or colour professional.

Top Three Reasons Why?

Item: Nix Color Sensor
Company: Nix Sensor LTD.
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Ranking: 5/5

O N E Style.



Obviously, the first thing you see when you pick up the product is the sleek shape and design of it. I attend a lot of trade shows and love having the Nix on display. The shape is unique, so catching peoples eyes isn’t an issue. Usually, after explaining what it is, I end up getting a colour consultation out of it so, thanks NIx! There is also the fact that the shape of the unit holds comfortably in your hand and can stand alone without worrying if it is going to fall over.

T W O Colour.


Leatherette Fabric Sample. Nix Vs. Benjamin Moore Deck

I love that the Nix is like an uber ultimate real life version of the eye-dropper on Photoshop. Having a Nix took out any guess work I had when helping colour match an historic home earlier this year. This tool surely takes 100% of the guesswork out of colour matching, even if its been well over a decade since the home has been painted.  Being able to place the Nix on any surface and an accurate colour reading pops up on your phone is amazing. It releases the stress of having to place a million colour swatches on the wall and still end up screwing up the colour because the lighting in the room is wrong. I’m going to sound a bit technical here , but the unique design of the Nix allows for all ambient light to be blocked out. This allows for a calibrated light source from the Nix to read you out an  accurate colour match, far better than bulky heavy fan deck or human eye. It also allows you to perform A/B comparisons between swatches for quality control. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

T H R E E Sharing.


Yes, that’s a cat toy.

The fact that this links to any  smartphone or tablet makes this tool that much better. Linking it via Bluetooth to your device allows you to scan and save colour pulls from your whole project without having to write them all down. Even better, you can share the swatches right off your phone/tablet via email, text or social media accounts. I want to cry I am so happy!

It’s the worst when you’re standing in front of the paint swatches in Home Depot, trying to figure out if that perfect colour you found had more blue tones or yellows in it. Even worse, when you have nothing to sample it against.  For someone who has a love for colour and how it can impact a space so drastically, I would 100% encourage any designer to pick themselves up this amazing life saver. It will not disappoint you or your clients.


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