Lets get straight to the point, brightly-hued sofas shouldn’t be feared. Many homeowners think that because of their big-impact appeal they are far too much for any space.

Uhh… are you for serious right now?

People come on, brightly- hued sofas can be just as chic and timeless as your typical neutral version. If you don’t believe me, take a look below.

Reason One: Woods & Metals.

Amanda from advicefromatwentysomething.com is doing it right in her San Francisco apartment. The navy blue couch brings in just the right amount of colour and perfect complement to the metal reading lamp and beautiful wood floors. Blue is a great start for you homeowners looking for a big complement to a space in a unique way. Blue is a colour I would consider a “safe”, I say this because blue goes a long way in any decor style. It’s both feminine and masculine and also can be a soft touch or a bold bright design accessory. This is a great start to a unique space that has a lot of natural woods and metals.

Reason Two: Neutrals aren’t everything.
Photo: Weekday Carnival

Whites, browns and beige are nice, but can become routine. Pastels are a great way to boost that routine level up one. This is a perfect complement to a regular beige or white as it somewhat stays in the same colour tones, but still gives you a unique look on your space.

Reason Three: Not all couches are for the living room.

Not all sofas need to be in a living room or family room. Your entry way plays a large role on how people conceptualize your home. Toss the old story of a regular bench and toss in a beautiful small scale sofa. This amazing pale yellow add just the right amount of colour to the space and give it unique chic feeling.

Reason Four: Can’t paint your walls?
main.original.640x0c (1).jpg
A lot of apartments don’t always allow you to paint your walls so, a better way to make your space scream colour is through your furniture. This space from Zeke is a amazing unique concept on how you can be creative in a not so creative space. Drawing colour through furniture will not only bring colour to your space, but it also highlights a conversation area. The best of both worlds.

Reason Five: Texture.
main.original.640x0c (2).jpg
Tilton Fenwick grasped this tufted blue beauty in a space where neutral tones complement it perfectly. The neutral tones of wood and brick draw directly into the soft texture of the tufted suede sofa. All the textures in this space flow together making it one area that you may just not want to leave.

Having a beautiful coloured sofa is a must in your next decor flip. Be unique and step outside the regular. Remember, hued sofas can be just as chic and timeless as your typical neutral version so go for it. Mix it up and start a conversation with your sofa.

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