Declutter your life right now…or even better how about after this blog. Trying to figure out what to keep and what to discard is always a daunting task. So, surprise surprise I have found a solution to your problem with multiple questions you should ask yourself while you look down at your hands full of useless crap.  Just keep in mind, one mans trash is another mans treasure. In using the concept of “trash”, better yet sell, donate, give it to a family member or friend or actually throw it out if it is completely useless. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT put it in your junk drawer, closet, garage or shed. The concept of cleaning means sorting through old crap, tossing what you don’t need and moving on to new and better things. So, next time you want to shed a few pounds of unwanted clutter, ask yourself these few questions.


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O N E         Sometimes you just have to ask yourself “What the hell is this?”
Usually, if you have to ask yourself that, you already have your answer of where it should go. If you don’t know what it is just by looking at it, do you really have a use for it? Think people, think.

T W O         Love it? Sentimental value?
Usually, if you love something, you know within seconds. If it takes you more than that, do you really have love for it? Don’t feel obligated to keep something just because your mother’s brother’s ex-wife’s daughter from another lover gave it to you.

T H R E E    Do you use it? How often?
Is there dust on it, plastic wrapping, still in the bag or has tags on it? If yes to any listed, DONATE SELL OR TOSS!

F O U R       Why don’t I use it?
Sometimes this is a legit question when you come across something. Some people have so much clutter that they forget they even bought something. I will say I am guilty of this…first step is admitting it right…?

F I V E        Where will I put it?
This links to the question above. If you find something you will actually use, bring it out into the open. Make it something you see everyday, so you actually use it. You can also bring it out to be used as a conversation starter. This is a great way to not only showcase something of yours, but also something that means a lot to you.

S I X     You have how many?
I fully 100% support the “if it’s on sale, buy a butt load” HOWEVER, this can only be applied to toilet paper, Kraft Dinner, drafting pencils, batteries, light bulbs and soap. You know, the most important, over priced things in life. When it comes to anything else in your existence, if you don’t need it now right this second, why bother buying it? I know it’s nice when things go on sale, but not everything on sale is something you need. Don’t be dragged in by the shinny bright YOU SAVE THIS MUCH! Face it, they are trying to do what you are currently doing, getting rid of their crap and push it along into your home.

S E V E N   Worst possible thing that could happen…
So, you finally decided to toss the ugly tacky ass candle stick holders your mother-in-law gave you for Christmas. Unfortunately, the one and only time she visits you, she asks where you put them. Best advice I can give you is, blame it on the kid and call it a day. No one wants clutter.

Follow these few points when cleaning up your space and I swear to you, life will become easier. Don’t feel bad when it comes to tossing items. If you don’t feel 100% about it, there is no harm in keeping it for the next round of cleaning out. The best thing you can do is donate. Not only is it a great way to recycle items, but it also helps keep it out of our water ways and landfill. Happy decluttering!

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