So, you’ve made it to college/university congratulations. First things first, take that small nasty ass dorm room and change it into a space that you actually want to hangout and sleep in via dorm room decor. School can be hard enough, but having to come back to a place after a crappy class can make it even worse. Being hours and miles away from home can start off scary. However, I will tell you this from experience, if you have a space that makes you feel like home the days seem a lot less stressful.

Lets start by taking anything away from the windows that blocks light. Having more natural light in your space will not only brighten the space but make it feel larger than it really is. So, move dressers and wardrobes along with your desk towards the door. I know each dorm is different, so move things around until you get the perfect configuration for you and your roommate. Then the fun can start.



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Let’s take a look at the one window you most likely have in your room. Curtains can be expensive and usually don’t always fit without having to hem them. So, a great option for this is using a scarf. This is not only is an easy way to save (as you can probably find one at the dollar store) it is a great way to show off your personality.




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So, you can’t paint but you can hang. Most of your walls are going to be a boring white, however, this can be used to your advantage! This may take you some time but the reward in the end will be priceless. Take some cork and cut them out into any shape you want. The example I found was hexagons. Then once you have your pattern paint them some fun bright colours. Use double sided tape to attach to the walls and there you have it a great way to add colour to your space. This is great for a unique head board or for your desk area as it is a great space for reminders.




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A quick and easy way to add more colour to your space is taking  simple patterned paper and framing it in a black frame. If you stick with light colours you can also use it as a white board for notes between you and your roomie.




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I think mini fridges are adorable, even more when you take the time to decal it. Take a trip to the dollar store and pick yourself up some washi tape and chalkboard decals. This will add personality to your fridge and also give you a space for a grocery list.




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Just because you moved out, does’t mean you can’t bring home with you. This is a great way to save money and also give some old pieces a new face lift. Usually your old pieces just need to be paired with a few new things to feel refreshed. A little reminder of home too.

Make sure you check back in on Wednesday for more quick and easy ideas for that dingy dorm!


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