By now most of you reading this have been in enough living-rooms to know what you like and don’t like. Your family, friends or even random peoples homes you were dragged to because your friend doesn’t want to go to a party alone all have different styles, some good and some not so good. So, in order to get the best reviews for your home, make sure you follow these few steps.

  1. Why is there no colour?

    Shades of Blue Interiors

    Everyone likes neutral, its easy to match and easy to sell. Having minimal colours may seem like a great idea however, without any colour, your sleek, modern space can quickly turn boring and sterile. A living-room should be warm and welcoming. By adding in some colours through accents, like pillows and blankets, you are creating that warm and welcoming feel that A. is easy to change out and B. Cost effective.

  2. Why does everything look the same…

    Mobile Living Homes

    Ah for the love of god people stop matching every piece of furniture to each other. THIS ISN’T THE FREAKING PRICE IS RIGHT! Start being unique. It is totally okay to mismatch your furniture. Mix up textures, colours and even design styles. As long as you keep your proportions in line and also keep a flow between colour choices, your friends will ask you to decorate their homes I swear by it.  Just keep in mind, don’t go overboard with different time eras when it comes to choosing your pieces. Sometimes going way far out there isn’t always the best idea. Take pictures, shop around, make a mood board and fully layout your ideas first before you shop. Having to return something you really love hurts, so be smart and plan.

  3. Is your ceiling the pathway to heaven?

    Decor Dove

    Stop relying on overhead lighting. Your living-room is a cozy warm space where no shadows should be cast. Please make use of floor and table lighting. This will allow for a more warm and welcoming feeling in your space. Plus who doesn’t love a great floor lamp, like really people? Take advantage of unique pieces, they will not only function as lighting but an accessory as well.

  4. Did your dog eat the back of your sofa?

    Decor Dove

    Unless there’s a big ass hole in the back of your couch, why is it against the wall? Bring your furniture together people. This is an area where you spend time with friends and family. Why are you half way across the room trying to talk to one another? I mean, unless you plan on having a hard core dance off, fill that awkward space in the centre of the room with furniture. This will give you a more lived in feel and will also fill your space more.

  5. Bring out the coasters.

    Apparently people forget about side tables. I 100% will tell you I am guilty of this… I thought a coffee table was enough but apparently not. So buy side tables because why not? I honestly don’t have a good reason why for this, I mean if you have a small living-room like I did, don’t bother but if you have a big living-room fill that space up!…… I don’t agree with this one to tell you the truth but it came up a lot so I had to put it in.

  6. Neck breaking art.

    Better Homes and Garden

    If your walls are really tall, fill the space with big art. Don’t go and buy a small ass piece of nothing and hang it a foot from the top of the 12 foot wall thinking that “Oh this will make the walls seem less tall”. UHHH no. Just don’t. Find art that has a long vertical length. This will draw your ceiling down and not break peoples necks who are trying to look at your artworks. Stay at eye height about 60″ AFF (after finished floor) this will not only allow for better views, but also a more even, leveled design.

  7. Lava Land.

    Studio McGee

    If you are going to buy a rug, don’t buy a smaller size because you like the price tag more. There are rules people, proportion rules. A rug defines an area and it looks awful when it’s small and floating out in the middle of nowhere. I get the lava game is fun and all, but you get to an age where climbing over furniture just isn’t possible anymore. So suck it up spend the extra money to get the right size rug.

These are just a few ways to make your living-room suck less and stand out compared to your family and friends. Follow these few tips and blow your competition away.

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