Here is a quick list of my top seven favourite go to design keys in a space. This will show you emphasis on cohesiveness, function, and personal value in a space and how to achieve it.

Too Many Patterns


The Everygirl

Taking colour and pattern to make unexpected combinations is one of my favourite things to do. However, if you are one of those people who like multiple patterns together, stick to your classic looks like stripes, plaids, and geometric shapes. This will ensure harmony in your space. BUT! if you like to pile on the pattern, stick to prints in similar colours. This will  help keep things cohesive and easier on the eyes.

Displaying Meaningless Items


Domaine Home

I find that a lot of people display items or artwork that they have no single connection with. This is your home people, it should tell who you are as a person by a collections of things you love. So, no don’t just pit up that art work because it goes with the colour of your decor. Find something you love that has a story behind it, so when people ask you where you got it; it starts a conversation.

Overlooking Function


Design Sponge

If a piece of furniture or lighting is not functional or useful, it shouldn’t be in the space. If you don’t want people sitting on it, putting their feet up on it or even touching it, if it’s not going to function for your day-to-day needs it’s probably time to look elsewhere. Have items in your space  that have a function. Don’t just put it there because its pretty.

Stop Over-Accessorizing


Less is more, hands down. Give your accessorized areas in your home a once-over. Make sure everything displayed is visually adding something significant to your home, and not just filling a space. Know what is important enough for you to display in your space and what is simply “filler” that doesn’t add any value to your design.

Using Clashing Colours


Design Is Mine

This  is a big  no no in my books. Please take the 30 seconds it takes to look at a colour wheel to see what colours go with what. Or even better keep all walls, floors and any big furniture in your space a neural. Neutral palettes featuring a variety of shades of gray, brown, blue, and green may come off as very masculine however, they give you a fresh clean look to your space.

Ya’ll Are Always Forgetting the Power of Texture



Wool, linen, leather, and a variety of metals are all great ways to add warmth and character in your space. These will give you the clean simplified look everyone is striving for nowadays. The texture from these finishes will provide you with enough small details that it will keep your space unique and welcoming.



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