Moving into a new place can be frustrating enough, however trying to decorate while unpacking ha you’re funny. Even the most organized of people never get this right. Let me tell you the simple honest truth, the best rooms evolve over time and some things just can’t be rushed. Even more when you have a limited budget or space. So, I have decided to throw together a few tips that will help you plan your decorating budget for your new space.

Systematize the Belongings You Already Have.


The Design Files

First things first. Look at all the furniture, accessories, storage, wall units etc that you already have, then determine what you want to get rid of and what you definitely want to keep in the new space. Sometimes you come across an item that you are not 100% sure about, if this happens ask yourself this question:

 Is it worth keeping for now until you find a better replacement?

Yes                                                                               No        

Put aside and take another look                                 Put it on Kijiji or donate it to
at it when you                                                           goodwill right away
get to your new space

Measure Twice


Luna Sea

If you aren’t lucky enough to get a floor plan of your new place, make sure you grab some basic measurements of rooms you know you need furniture for.

Here are some of the most important measurements you might not want to forget:
-Ceiling heights
-Window widths and heights also distance between window casings
-Kitchen counter height
-Any nooks and crannies created by irregular rooms
-Room perimeter for buying paint

Buy The Urgent Items


The Glossie Nerd

Plan out where you want your existing items to go and slowing fill in the missing pieces. Go ahead and pick up a few extravagant pieces for each room, this is your new home make it personal. Make sure you shop around, yes this will take a bit but you will find what you really want, not something you settle for. Look at clearance sections or go to antique shops this is where you will find the best selection of one of a kind pieces.


Finally, Always Think Long Term



I get it you’re excited but like I said before, the best spaces evolve over time. So, when you are buying something remember to think about what you’re spending your money on and and how long you are going to keep it for. Great idea, pick one room a month to finish. This will give you about 30 days to make all your choices and also give you a budget for each room. If you haven’t finished the room in 30 days move on to the next room, come back to each room at the end and make a list of items you still need to find. Over time you will simply find what you are looking for and this will evolve your space into something you love and cherish.

If you follow these few steps, moving in might come that much easier to you. Just keep in mind that everything will eventually come together so, keep a open mind and have fun with it.


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