As most of you already know I always preach that paint is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to dramatically transform a space. However, there is far more to just selecting the right hue, that’s only the beginning. In addition to picking the right paint colour, the finish can be just as crucial in setting the tone for your space. Everyones go to finish is usually semi-gloss, I get that it is a very durable finish and can connect the space together however, there needs to be a change to this aged look. So! I am going to share with you my new favorite obsession.

The Matte Finish.

Here is the perfect break down the best ways to try out this luxe look and why you should say sayonara to that boring semi-gloss finish.

Go Bold


Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball

The best part of matte paints is that they are very high in pigment. By this is mean the paint will provide you with full coverage no matter which colour you choose. With matte finish the colour you choose tends to create a more softened chalky look, unlike a glossy sheen that creates a more harsh tone. So, when picking your colour for the matte finish make sure you pick a bold colour. Some great examples are to go dark with blacks, deep purples, charcoals, bold reds or navy blues. This will give you the ultimate feeling that’s rich but also comfortable.

High Traffic Areas


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Over the years the advanced technology in premium paints has been phenomenal. The creation of low to no VOC’s and the the pure quality has allowed even the most basic of paints to create beautiful spaces. The best part however, the matte finishes. They have now been modified to be as durable as semi-gloss finishes and now can be used in areas with high humidity. So, why is a matte finish great in a high traffic area? Of course due to its extremely forgiving nature. Unlike semi-gloss, matte finish will hide scratches and dents. Light in the space will be muted and your walls with appear more smooth and mark-free.

Doors and Trim


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If you aren’t ready to paint a whole room a matte finish, opt for painting the doors and trims. This will create a the perfect elegant contrast against your walls that have a slight sheen from the semi-gloss finish. The perfect combo would be dark matte trim and doors with light semi-gloss walls will create a sophisticated look.

Highlight Artwork


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Polished fixtures and metallics really pop against a matte backdrop. It is the perfect finish that will provide you with a contrast that allows for the glossy surface of picture frames to pop and showcase your art perfectly.

These are just a few reasons why the matte finish trend is so big. This finish is so simple but can make a big impact on your space. So, start off small and work your way up, or be bold and repaint and design a whole room with a new paint job!!


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