By far my least favourite chore to do would be laundry. I mean putting the clothes into the washer and dryer is fine, but having to fold and iron them blahhhhh I rather bash my thumbs with a hammer. I blame this all on the fact, that any laundry space I have ever used has been an eyesore.  These spaces usually end up being the junk room or pushed into a dark corner in the basement. So, I have come up with beautiful designs to make you want to spend all your time doing laundry. Deep breath, even folding laundry here would be, dare I say it, enjoyable.


Ashley Winn Design

First things first, your laundry room should be bright, clean and fresh. Making a boring task better by creating a space that has these three concepts in it, will take that boring job to a job to put first on your to-do list. This design from Ashley Winn Design  is both beautiful and functional. The gorgeous aqua cabinets bring a bright look to the space,  while the cement tile and white counters add a clean and fresh feeling. What I love most about this space? The amazing amount of counter space provided  for folding.

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A great way to add in some unique touches to your laundry room can be through your sink. For this, think outside the box and opt for a grand piece. By this, I mean take a look at the  Alape Bucket Sink from Rejuvenation. With a price tag of $249 this will not only give you a one up on your friends boring laundry rooms, it will also give you a custom unique design that you will love every time you walk into the room.

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My Domaine

Stacking your washer and dryer is a great way to save space. My Domaine did a beautiful job of designing this laundry room. Their built-in cabinets give this space a finished sophisticated look while the butcher block countertop and a beautiful wood floor make this space feel used and lived in. Rolling carts make a unique functional look to space that allows for a better storage in a small area.





If you really want to make a big statement in your laundry room, Blogger Sarah Sherman Samuel from Stories accomplished this with her dramatic, oversized floral print wallpaper. How can you not fall in love with this beautiful design. Its simple clean look of white and wood complements the big punch of the wall paper making this space a must have. How could you not want to spend your days in this room?!


Style Me Pretty

Laundry rooms do not have to be the massive spaces. Style Me Pretty proves that smaller can be better. If you do have a small space, keep all walls, floors, tiles, and tops a light colour. Add a punch of colour with your appliances, whether it be silver, blue, or red make that your main focus. This will make a small space feel larger and more complete.

Like always, these are just a few ways to make that brutal chore less painful. Don’t think that your laundry rooms is a black hole, if  your clothes are important, so is the space you clean them. Bring life back into the space, even if it just means adding a new coat of paint.


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