With all this nice weather coming our way, this is the best time to do an overhaul on your home. I’ve decided to show all of you some surprising ways to declutter, decorate, and make your home feel chill AF.

Step One Succulents.


Jenacieve Belair

Stop buying fresh cut flowers and opt for succulents. These are not only low-maintenance, they can even help purify the air in your home who doesn’t want that? So find a cut pot or glass vase and create your own succulent garden. 

Step Two Earth Tones & Natural Wood.


You can never go wrong with earth tones and natural wood. The best part of designing with these accents is, that they not only expand the space, but they also create a soothing, relaxed vibe. Having cool and warm natural tones in your space will calm the environment and also bring the outside in.

Step Three Shadow Box.


Gail Wilson My REpurpose Life

If you have a lot of small knickknacks and you have no idea where to place them all, try a shadow box. This will make your space feel much more calm and also organized.

Step Four Cozy Blanket.



For those late night movie nights, add a cozy throw to your couch that everyone will want to cuddle with. Check back in on May 1st to see the custom handknit throws Re² will be creating for those perfect nights.

Step Five Night Stand Clutter. 


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Waking up to clutter is the worst. So, since your nightstand is right next to where you sleep, keep that area clean. All you need is a nice lamp, maybe a book and a glass of water out. Everything else should be in the drawers below.

Step Six Dividers.


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Clean those junk drawers up with dividers. Nothing is worse than needing something and you can’t find it. You can find great dividers at Ikea and sometimes even the Dollar Store.

Step Seven Diffusers.


Tammy’s Scentsy

Give your space a calming scent, lavender for the bedroom to help you relax and sleep and basically any other scent for your smelly bathroom. This is a great way to add a fresh feeling to your home, instead of using those bad mist sprays. Great place to find diffusers is Scentsy, Tammy Stiles is a great consultant for Durham. Check out her link! https://tstiles.scentsy.ca

Step Eight Clean Entry.


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Step your morning game up with a organized entryway. This will not only keep your home clean, it will also make your mornings less chaotic. Having your keys, coat and wallet/purse all in one area will save you time for these mornings you’re running late.

Step Nine White Walls.



Keeping you walls white or a super light tone will not only make your space feel larger, it will also make it feel clean and gives you more flexibility with decorating.

Step Ten Hangers.


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This may seem weird but be a real adult and invest in matching hangers in  your closet. This will make the area present in a cleaner way and also make it easier to pick out your clothes in the morning. This is all about manipulating your eyes and eliminating the “white noise” you see when there is too much going on.

These are just a few simple ways you can clean up and decorate your home for this coming season. Keep in mind that these are extremely easy ways to update and add that little bit more of you into your home.


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