Your home is a place where a story of who you are should be told, a collection of things you love.  The easiest way to infuse your space with personality you ask? The wonderful world of pattern! There are many ways you can use pattern to achieve a style that’s 100 percent you. Whether you play with colour, scale or design, you are able to mix and match patterns to create an amazing custom look. So, I say screw the matchy-matchy boring décor that you see everywhere and mix it up with patterns that show off who you are as a person or family.


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Pattern isn’t just for the regular eye sight lines, bring peoples eyes up by adding an interesting pattern to your ceiling. This will add a big WOW factor to your space and also give you a one up on your friends and family!


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Pattern doesn’t always have to the part that stands out, it can be use to showcase an important piece in the space. For example the beige tones of the wood-grain wallpaper create a neutral backdrop. This allows for the beautiful design of the bench to grasp your eyes and take center stage.


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Using patterns in all the same hue is a great way to make a statement. This example works on so many levels, do not be afraid to be bold with the patterns! With a similar colour scheme and scale, these patterns all work together perfectly because they all connect together with one colour to the next. Intertwine you into the space!!!!


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A cool color palette keeps this simple look modern and sophisticated. Keeping neutral patterns will still give you a great design, just in a more clam subtle way.


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Have a small room? Try adding pattern to your headboard. It is a easy way to add a pop of design to a small space.


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Play up a whimsical wallpaper with neutral furnishings. This is a great way to spice up a small space such as a bathroom. Pick a bold print and offset it with neutral accents to make a great statement.

These are just a few ways that pattern can showcase your house in a way to best describes you. Just remember that the design that you pick is something you love, not a copy of a magazine.

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