When you walk into someone’s home, you get the exact feeling of their home the second you walk into the entryway. This is where you make or break your home, so in order to take your space from dull to delightful and make a great first impression try some of these hallway decorating ideas.


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This is a great way to add a unique look on who you are as a person. Pick your favourite pieces of art both 2D and 3D, draw colour and life into your space through plants, add interesting accessories via a credenza and pick detailed framing. Every little bit of personal detail will draw people into the space. Not only will it grab their attention, but it will also allow people to see who you are as a person.

Be Bold

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If you have a beautiful staircase, show it off. Draw pattern and texture into the space using a runner up the stairs. This is a great way to showcase the beautiful design of your stairs and also add some depth into the space. Pick something that stands out or complements the stairs. This is where you bring your style into the space and add a wow factor to the entry.


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Design Milk 

Don’t be afraid, when carefully planned, dark colours can work well in a small space. For instance, a deep grey or blue black can do wonders to a space just as long as you keep the floor a light tone. This is a bold statement, so make sure you plan accordingly. By having a dark entrance, it will benefit you by creating an effect of making the rooms that lead off into the rest of your home feel more open and spacious. Add details in through sophisticated hardware on the front door or through hooks for hanging your coats.


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Pick a vibrant statement piece, such as a great designed wallpaper. A vibrant pattern will add instant wow factor, however, it won’t overpower as this is a space you pass through rather than linger in. Paper one or two walls in a contemporary paper and paint the remaining walls in a matching tone, adding a neutral or dark  furniture and accents allowing for a break in the design.

So take a look at your front entrance and see if it describes you as a family. Remember this is the first thing people see when they enter, so make sure it leave a great impression!

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