Little did you know that wallpaper is back in. However, covering a whole room can be quite a commitment and expensive, to boot. So in order to get the look you want, here a a few ways to incorporate wallpaper in a cost saving way but still add oomph to your décor.

Skip the walls.

wall 1.jpg

Sandberg Wallpaper

To take your interiors to far better heights, I say screw the walls and try papering the ceiling instead. A unique design will not only draw the eye up and make rooms feel both cozy and spacious, it will also connect the whole space together. This will draw that cold area down and complete the whole space with that much needed added detail.

Back the Bookshelves.

wal 2.jpg

Apartment Therapy

This is a super-simple DIY that anyone can create. By doing this small detail, it will turn even the most boring bookshelves into a design score.



Swankey Stairs

wall 3.jpg


Bring life back to your staircase by facing the risers of your stairs with wallpaper. You can pick complementary patterns or keep them all the same. This is a great way to add colour into your space.



wall 4.jpg

Filipacchi Publishing

Do you have a favourite piece of wall paper but do not want to cover a whole wall? Try cutting out a section and framing it. This will allow you switch it out and also switch up your colours in a low cost way.


wall 5.jpeg

Pinterest DIY

Do you have old furniture that has water stains or scratches on it? Well, instead of painting those pieces, try decoupaging them with a layer of graphic wallpaper. This gives you an added detail of your personality without having to refinish your furniture.

These are just a few ways that wallpaper can update your space in a minimal low cost way. The versatility of this product is amazing, don’t be afraid to use this great product. Companies have updated their lines so much that what wallpaper used to be, is a thing in the past. You can now paint textured papers and also create your own custom patterns. I’m not sure if anything can get much better than that!

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