Hello loves! It is Easter weekend and your family is coming over for dinner, luck you. However, you have no idea how to make that boring old table of yours incorporate the holiday spirit. Not to worry, I am here to help you turn that lacking table into the perfect complement this fun fresh holiday.

For me spring provides a fresh start, so why not make that dining table a fresh natural yummy place to eat, because setting a pretty table is one of my favorite things to do. So, here are four great simple tips to boost that table of yours.


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Keep your plates a neutral. This will not only work for this holiday but it will also work for all holidays. Having a neutral colour will allow you to do a lot with your table and also save you a lot of money in the end. Neutral plates will make your food pop and refrain from taking away from  your over all look for the table.


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For me I do not believe in fresh cut flowers, I think that something that is that beautiful should be left in the dirt it came from. So, before you go and pick up those “fresh” cut flowers switch your mind. Look at potted plants, not only are they a better choice, but the vase or pot you place them in can add detail to your table. Even better after dinner is over you can plant them in your garden.


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Staying Close To Home

Incorporate eggs plastic, wood or even real ones. This is a great way to  play on the holiday and also add colour to your table. If you have some egg cartons hanging around cut them in half and place the eggs in there. I love the idea Staying Close To Home had with adding in some fresh plants. This is a great way to use the above idea also. Even better use them as a place name tag and let your dinners take them home with them.


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Is your table in some need of height? Try adding a vase of sticks, or even better pussywillows. This will add texture, height and also bring the outdoors in. Add in some decorated eggs to the bottom of the vase and there you have it a quick and easy decor piece.

I hope this helped you on trying to figure out how to add in a bit more detail to your table. Have a very Happy Easter with your friends and family, be safe this long weekend if you are traveling.

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