Okay, so today we are going to tackle redesigning your bathroom without having to renovate it. In doing this, we are going to take a quick look at how contrast can manipulate your space. On  average your bathroom is about 25-60sq ft of floor space. This does not give you a whole lot of room to work with, however, you still have enough room for some serious WOW factor!

After reading many amazing blog posts on how to make your small bathroom look bigger, by adding more function and storage, I’ve decided to take on a different concept. So, in order to make that small bathroom of yours look fab, you gotta use contrast.

What is contrast you say? Well lets have a little chat about high contrast verses low contrast.

High Contrast.

bathroom high .jpg

Photography by Richard Powers

This is a great example of a high contrast bathroom. To create a high contrast bathroom, you must use a dark colour/shade against a light colour/shade. The floor, wall, tub and sink are all low contrast as these are the biggest items in the space. As you can see, the areas the designer wanted your eyes to focus on are all high contrast shades making them POP. Doing this makes your eyes only focus on certain items making them room feel a bit bigger that it really is.

Low Contrast.

bathroom low

Love It or List It Vancouver

Low Contrast focus more on the minimal side of design. Light colours all in the same pallet mixed with textures is what you will mostly find. This concept gives you a more cold and boring look in my opinion as there isn’t much going on. However, that said you can still do a lot with this concept. You can add in a bit more detail by adding a few colours in via the blue tone in the glass shower door or by adding in shades via tiles.

So why does any of this benefit your loo?

YOU YOURSELF can now control how big, small, calming or cluttered you want your bathroom to  look via the wonderful world of CONTRAST!

So lets get to it, for me I find low contrast too boring for my personal taste (no offence). For that reason, I am going to look at ways to design the perfect High Contrast bathrooms. Keep in mind, just because you have a small bathroom it doesn’t mean it needs to be plain, white and potentially boring so that it ‘looks’ bigger.

Design Tip One: Creating contrast through paint colours.

bathroom high 2

Inspiring Hearts and Homes

If you’re standing your bathroom and find that it comes off as a little too plain and boring, consider painting the walls a dark hue. If you find that that isn’t enough, try adding in the great detail of wainscoting (check out tomorrows blog for help picking the right style for each room). This will give you the perfect High Contrast effect.

Design Tip Two: Shower Curtin Contrast

bathroom high 3.jpg

Design Sponge

Most people think that a shower curtain only has one purpose: to keep water in the tub. This is a big no no, not only does it do that but it is also the perfect way to add contrast to your space.  This example in from Design Sponge gives you a simple clean look, however, this is a great opportunity to go big and bold. Add in a cool pattern or texture or even use two curtains to frame your tub. Add some of your personality to the space.

Design Tip Three: Accents

bathroom high 4.jpg

Rotator Rod

Accents are a great way to add colour to a space. Not only are they easy to change out but they also give you many options when it comes to picking a colour. Just keep in mind that you really only need one accent colour not two. Two will make your space become too busy and that will make it become cluttered. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not match your towels to the rug on the ground. Even though the stores place them all together don’t fall for it. When it comes to the rug, pick a colour that is going to match your flooring. If you match it with the towels people’s eyes are going to go right to the pooper and you don’t want that. One last thing, toss that toliet cut out rug for the love of god. Not only is it a nuisance always rolling up and getting it the way, it’s making your space crowed. More on the floor will make the room feel smaller so just stick to the rug in front of the sink.

These are just a few ways to make that bathroom of yours not only look better, but also give you the optical illusion of a bigger space by only focusing on important aspects. Keep all of these concepts in mind when you are looking to upgrade your space on a small budget!

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