Calling all credenza lovers out there! If you share the same love I do for these admirable pieces of furniture, you will fully understand why they are a great addition to any space, and I literally mean any space. From your living room to bedroom to bathroom, this marvellous piece of furniture will be your answer to all storage and décor problems.

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So, why do I love credenzas so much? Well let me tell you, not only are they a way to bring in more storage, but they also bring a space together. By this I mean that they are probably one of the most versatile furniture pieces you could ever buy. Most people do not realise this, as they only see a piece of furniture with drawers. So, here are some great examples as to why this is a must have piece of furniture.


credenza entrance

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Entrance ways can always be an awkward, if your lucky you have a open concept. The only downfall to this is, the lack of storage. So, this is where a credenza comes in handy. Not only will this give you all the extra storage you need, it will also give you the perfect focal point to draw people into your space. Decorate it with a big mirror and some knickknack’s and there you have it more storage and a clean sophisticated look.

Living Room.

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It can’t get much better than this, a credenza is a great item to add under a wall mounted  television. It will not only  fill the space under the television, it will also give you a space to showcase important décor items. The top will give you a flat linear surface, while the drawers will give you the extra added storage you need in the space. There are many different types of credenza styles. If you come across an old unique piece that you love but it isn’t looking too pretty, why not spruce it up with a coat of paint or stain, add new feet or legs and new hardware and there you have it a completely different look for an unique multifunctional piece.

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The bedroom is another great space for a credenza. Once again it gives you the perfect storage using a clean low line approach. The drawers provide space while the piece itself is great for showcasing important items. Its the perfect piece for finishing off any space when you never quite know what to place there. Sleek clean storage.

credenza baby 3

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Last but certainly not least, is the most unique use of this magnificent piece. Creating a unique take on a change table. Using a credenza for this use is one of the most versatile ways to fully use this amazing piece. Not only is the height perfect, it also allows for fast access to all change table needs. The space is larger making it better for storage and a big bonus is the look of it. This clean look will take away from all the typical “baby” style furniture that will be filling the room. Mix it up and make your kids room interesting and unique.

This is only the start as to why this piece of furniture is one of the best pieces you can own. Tomorrow I will show you how to showcase this praiseworthy piece. Make sure to check back!

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