As a continue on from yesterday, flooring is a great way to add not only profit to your home, it also adds in a beautiful detail to the space. Most people go for the typical wood or carpet flooring as usually, they are a better fit for their budget. However! I have found other options that not only will fall in line with your budget, but will also make your home stand out.

Option One.

rubber flooring.jpg

Dalsouple Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring a great alternative to tile flooring. This is great for in your bathroom, mud room and even your laundry room. This flooring is already quite popular in Europe, a place where all great trends start so, why not bring it here. This look will give off a great 80’s industrial sensibility that will not only give off an attractive look but will also be exceedingly practical. By this I mean it is easy to take care of, beyond durable and surprisingly comfy on your feet. It comes in a variety of colours and even textures, this will work in any space and any design style.



Home Depot

VCT (vinyl composite tile) for a floor. About a dollar per sq ft. I think this might be a winner. Not only do these come in a variety of colours, it also comes in many different shapes and sizes. Over the years, it has become more and more versatile when it comes to design and colour. This is a great idea for kitchen flooring, there are so many patters on Pinterest that you can follow. The possibilities are endless.

Carpet Tile


Shaw Contract Group

Carpet tile gets used a lot in industrial buildings, for obvious reasons, it is easier to replace one tile than a whole floor. On the plus side, it is easy to install, clean and like I said before, can be replaced one section at a time. Just like the other options, they come on  a huge variety of patterns and colours making them far more sophisticated than boring wall to wall carpeting.



Real Cork Floors

Cork flooring not only is it natural and beautiful, it is also very sustainable. It offers a bit of spring under your foot making it easier on your back and feet. This is a perfect choice for flooring in your kitchen, as most times you stand for long periods of time there. If you want more information on this great flooring choice click here.

Concrete floors, whether just polished  or left unfinished, they can be a beautiful detail to a space. Best part you can add colour to it or even a pattern. Although this may be a bit of a cold floor, it is one of my favourties. You can do this by yourself, or bring someone in to do it for you. It is cost effective and like I said, gives a beautiful finish to any space.

Pick one or pick all, any one of these choices will fit in your home. These are cost effective ways to add detail to your space and will last a lifetime. Once again, good luck and happy decorating!


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