Decorating your home can be a challenge. If you are like me, it will take you about 13 months to get it perfect just in time for you to pack up and move again. However, if you are lucky, you get to stay in that beautiful space you created and enjoy it for years to come. Although, there are times that you stand back and look at your space and wonder if something is missing. If so, here are the perfect seven hacks that will fulfill that missing link.



Jenna Sue Design 

Living things are always best. By this I mean greenery, flowers and foliage. The best parts of a interior are the natural ones. Not only will these bring life into your space, but you can also change them up throughout the seasons to always mix up your space. It is pretty amazing how a few plants can perk up an entire room.


 Wood Grain

Neutrals are great for any space, they give you a lot of options and can showcase your accents perfectly. However, too much of something soo good can sometimes come off “boring” or “safe”. So, to fix that adding in wood if a great way to not only spruce up the space, but also add in the finishing details that complete a space. To achieve this, pick a focal wall and put up a plank wall or if you have the ceiling height, try wood beams. If those projects seem too big, why not go with a small wood box for extra throw blankets, or some simple wood shelves for accessories. Just keep in mind wood brings a natural look to the space, not everything needs to be painted.


Foster & Partners 

Glass comes in many different styles, vases, windows, tables and even lighting. For little details try filling vases with items that match your decor or the season, try pinecones for fall or ornaments for christmas. If you want to make a big statement, why not try some stained glass for a window filler. Some people may think this ages the space, but depending on the style it could really add in a great focal detail.



Copy Cat Chic

Industrial decor seems to be big in the design world. Metal seems to be playing a large role in giving people the vintage look they want. Lighting, metal trays and wire baskets are all good details to achieve this look. start off small and add in as much as you like. The best part? Metal comes in so many different colours, so it will work in virtually any space.



Jenna Sue Designs 

Well used items not only add character, but also a story to the space. Antiques are a great way to add dimension and layers to your decor. Whether it be a little or a lot, aged items add texture to complete your space.




Books and art, pieces that make a room interesting. Use them to fill a wall, shelf or even a coffee table. This is a great way to add your passions into your room. Pick pieces that will spark a conversation. Be bold and put it out into the open.

 Natural Fabrics


Home Dzine

Nothing is better than curling up in a wool knit blanket in front of a fire. The more natural the fabrics in your space, the better the design. Pick anything from cotton, leather, burlap and of course FAUX FUR (none of the real stuff). Use these for anything, throws, bedding, pillows and even drapery. The more natural, the better you will feel.

So, take a look at your space and if something is missing try one of these seven hacks. I am sure all if not one will work in your space.

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