Bathroom storage is usually hard to create. You’ll need to keep towels, toiletries, kids’ toys and all the toothbrushes stored neatly to ensure easy cleaning, and an uncluttered look. This can be hard, so the first storage solution we will look at will take advantage of the height in your space.

Solutions One.


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To maximize space in the bathroom, a great idea is to add a shelf over the door to store extras like toilet paper and extra towels. This will give you more space and no one will really notice it, as it is out of sight.


Solution Two.


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Great way to save even more space and use that awkward area above the toilet is to hang baskets. This also will give you a decor piece, where you can store towels and toilet paper.

Solution Three.


Ohoh Blog

This is an amazing unique way to upcycle old bottle caps. This will free up space around your sink and also add a cool detail to the bathroom. You can find this great concept DIY at Ohoh Blog. (link at end of blog)

Solution Four.


Decora Mirror 

Masterbrand is a great company for unique cabinets. The Decora line showcases a very unique and clever bath mirror with side pull-out shelves. This is a great storage solution that allows users to access items without interrupting their view.

Solution Five.

bathroom storage 3.jpg

Bob Vila 

No space for a towel rack? Hang them on the back of the door. This is a great way to save wall space and use a area that isn’t ever really used.

Solution Six.


Pinterest DIY

Finally, if you want to add a bit more detail to your space, try using a ladder. It adds detail and a unique concept on storage, as you can mix up the baskets to match you bathroom decor.

Overall, your bathroom should be functional yet beautiful. This week’s blogs will allow you to achieve all of this and more. So, get your tools out and make a mess, achieve the looks you always wanted!

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