If you’re like me, you try to avoid the mirror in the morning as much as you can. Not because you can’t stand the look of yourself, more like it’s the moment you realize your day is about to start and you can’t crawl back into bed. So, instead of feeling that way in the morning, I have found the perfect concepts to make you excited to look in that mirror. From beautiful designed mirrors to multi purpose storage mirrors, any of these ideas will fulfill the needs of any bathroom.

Mirror One.

Like I said before, a mirror in your bathroom does more than make you look pretty, it brings light into the space and also can make a space feel larger. The first mirror we are going to look at is Pottery Barn’s Kensington pivot rectangular mirror. This is not only a beautiful design for a mirror, it also had a great detail added to it. The thick-plated beveled mirror is framed in aluminum for unrivaled strength and the best detail ever a sturdy wall brackets allows you to tilt and put the mirror at the perfect angle. This is an awesome concept as it will allow you to move the angle for every person in the home, inducing the little ones.

Mirror Two. 


Edith Mirror Shelf

Edith Mirror Shelf at Urban Outfitters is a great design that wont hurt the wallet. At a $75 price tag, this mirror will bring you a sophisticated look and also provides you with some small storage. The curved shelf in a vintage-inspired design is the perfect complement with a mirror, for me, it would be the perfect spot for storing makeup. Quick Tip: You can even mix it up and add in a small plant to add life to your space. You won’t forget to water it, as you will most likely see it every day!

Mirror Three.


Mirror link

Having a over-sized mirror in your bathroom is a great idea. I chose this picture from Koekkenskaberne’s design as great way to show you that you don’t always have to go with square or a rectangle mirror in your space. Mix it up and try a round, hexagon or basically any other design. I say this because not only will it totally look amazing, it will add a unique design element to your space. In a bathroom sometimes it can be hard to spice up the space and make it your own, so add in a cool detail like this and leave people in aw!

Mirror Four.


D4 Designs

In a bathroom, you usually try to make your sink area the main focus. D4 Designs did a beautiful design that perfectly complemented this concept. By adding in light behind your mirror, not only does it add a light source but it also adds in the perfect detail. By doing this it gives you a unique look and draws people in towards the sink area. I love the style of this and really encourage people to try this concept more!

Mirror Five.


DIY Frame

If buying a new mirror isn’t in your budget, there are so many great DIY’s on Pinterest that will help you upgrade your bathroom. I came across a great one from The Frugal Homemaker that shows you how to re-design and frame out that builder basic bathroom mirror for $20 or less! (You can find the link below) This is a great way to spruce up an old bathroom on a low budget, but add a big bag for your buck.

These are just a few ideas you can use to create the perfect bathroom. Keep in mind that this is your space, so design it the way you like. Remember to have fun and be bold!


Link for DIY

How to frame out that builder basic bathroom mirror (for $20 or less!)



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