Lighting may not seem so important in a bathroom, however, it is something that can make or break the space. I am not only talking about being able to see in the space, I am also talking about the environment the lighting creates. I have pulled together some great concepts and points that will take your bathroom to the next level, starting with….


Ceiling lights

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Are a great type of light source for overall room lighting or even ambient light on a dimmer. Ceiling light placement will force light downward onto the top surface of everything in the room. However, because of that, it’s considered to be the least flattering type of light for the face, but great to light up your space. Quick Tip: Try adding your overhead lighting to a track, this will allow you to direct the light where you want, thus making your space just the way you want it.

Wall lights or sconces

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If you’re a girl, and you like makeup, make sure you pay attention to this. Lights placed at eye level are best for applying makeup or inspecting your face to pop those pimples. This lighting will eliminate the shadow overhead lighting creates, therefore making it a must have in the bathroom. Think of old classic movies and their makeup stations. The bulbs on either side of the mirror create the perfect lighting source for you to put on your face. Just keep in mind try to stay away from any sconces that have lampshades, as they will diffuse the light you are trying to achieve.


Chandelier lights

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Upgrade you space and add in some pendants or even go big with chandelier. Obviously this type of lighting is more on the decorative side and is more of a compliment to the rest of the lighting in the space, but it will add that bit of detail in the space. Quick Tip: Keep in mind any chandelier you install should be rated for bathroom and be placed high enough above main walkways so you do not hit your head.


Windows or skylights

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Nothing can get any better than natural light in the bathroom. Not only is this going to be the most accurate type of light that has the best color rendering index, it is also very green. By this I mean you’ll find that during the day you won’t need to turn on the lights quite as much during the hit peak times in the day. Another great concept is a skylight. It not only will bring in light throughout the day, even on grey days, it can also create a feeling of a big space and flood the room with light.


Night lights


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Finally, this is more of a safety feature in your bathroom, but a must. Adding in specialized lights (night light) that are censored by light not only save you money on energy but also hospital bills. The wattage for these lights is usually very low, however the placement is the most important. Some great spots for this are the sink area as the light will reflect off the mirror and brighten the space more or you can place it near the floor to help you safely use the bathroom during the night without waking up everyone else.

Like I said, lighting is a key element in any space, however, it is really important in the bathroom. Just keep in mind that you are creating a space that should be calm and relaxing yet practical. Have fun and mix it up.

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