New week, new topic. This week we will be talking all about bathrooms. Even though this room is usually overlooked, it can add a big buck to you home if you chose to sell. So, why not make this room a place you want to be in longer than…well however long it takes you to do your business…

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Most people want a clean and sleek bathroom, but do not forget, there is always room for colour in any space. Please don’t let your bathroom become too sterile and clinical, add flashes of colour to not only bring it to life into your space, but also warmth. Obviously don’t go overboard here, choose one thing and stick to it. Whether it be paint or tiles, it will give the room some depth and help to create the sanctuary you desire.

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Lighting may not see so important in a bathroom, however, it is something that can make or break the space. It’s so easy to add a single overhead light and call it quits. Don’t get me wrong if that’s what you want go right ahead, but keep in mind that there is so much more you can do that will create the right atmosphere with the proper use of lighting. Be creative, add some wall lighting, create a spotlight over the shower for your solo numbers, and most important I think lighting around the cabinet or mirror.

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Another great way to ensure your bathroom is bright and light, is to consider the use of mirrors. Not only will the mirror bring more light into your space, but particularly in smaller bathrooms it will make them feel larger. Don’t forget, mirrors bring both a practical and stylish solution so choose wisely.

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Bathroom storage can sometimes be hard to create. You’ll need to keep towels, toiletries, kids’ toys and all the toothbrushes stored neatly to ensure easy cleaning, and an uncluttered feel. This can be hard so take advantage of the height in your space.

This week I will be going more in depth to each one of these points. Check back in tomorrow, as we will tackle the best colours for the feel you want to create for your bathroom.

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