Face it, you have a love hate relationship with your home. Even though it is a sacred place where you Netflix and Chill in your pajamas, it just deserves better. Just in time for the weekend, I have gathered up great DIY’s to do around your home. This will not only make your home look more expensive, it will also bring life back into it. So, sit back turn off Netflix and read this kick ass blog!

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Are your walls looking a bit boring? TRY THIS! Hit up a framing or craft store and create wainscoting. Buy the right scale of frames (height of wainscoting usually sits between 30 to 54 inches make sure they fit within this) and paint them to match the wall. BAM! instant upgrade to your walls.


Fun Fact!  Years ago, before my time (haha) wainscoting was determined by the height of a chair rail. This was used to protect walls from damage when chair back would brush against them. Then 36 inches was standard height, one still commonly used today.

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Is your shower or bath looking sad, but you do not have the time or the funds to fully redo it? Try regrouting, this will not only take away the dull dirty look, it will also give it a full upgrade. Having fresh white grout will not only bring life back into your shower, if you are trying to sell, it will make the buyers believe the bathroom was redone.

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Are you lacking in space in your bathroom and have a big mirror that overpowers the space? You may have seen or even already applied the idea of adding trim to one of your existing bathroom mirrors, but consider adding in a shelf to the centre. This will not only save you 7 years of bad luck and give you more space, but also a his and her area. If you do not have his and her sinks, use the same concept but off to the side for extra storage space.


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Did you have a spill under your sink and it stained the wood? Don’t replace the cabinet, pick up some peel and stick tiles from Home Depot cut them to size and there you have it. Not only a fix to your problem, but also a cleaner look.

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Are you looking at your counter tops and cannot help but want that beautiful look of stone. However, when you go to price it out, it becomes 100X more than your budget? Try this cheaper solution, Countertop Transformations. I personally have not used this product, but it does look interesting. So, if any of you choose to try it out or have  tried it out, comment below and let me know how it went!

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Are your air vents looking a bit weathered? Take them out, clean them with some soap and water and spray paint them a neutral colour. However, if you would like to give the space a bit of detail spray paint them black.

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I hate wasting things that still work and will continue to for a while. So, if you have an old ceiling fan and it does not really go with your new design, try this. You can completely change the look and color with a little bit of paint. Take the fans off, clean and spray paint them, I say spray paint because it will give you a even finish, as rolling paint on will leave you with an awkward texture. To really get a custom look, consider switching out the glass bulb covers, too.

These are all simple DIY’s that will give you a big impact on your home. They will not only bring life back into your space, but also add retail value. So, now that you are done reading, I allow you to go back to your Netflix and Chill night.

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    I like the ceiling fan idea. Perhaps I will have to try that. These are good tips.

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