For me there’s really nothing better than a sleek, clutter-free home. I have started to cut down my furnishings to the basic shades of black, white, and grey and also have let the grand philosophy, “less is more” to allow me to donate all the junk I have not used in the last six months. I have to say, I am really loving the minimalists design look. The rooms feel more personal, as they only showcase what is really important and bounous they also appear far more larger. So, after much research on how to get the perfect minimalist home, I have come up with 20 beautiful pictures that showcase minimalist perfection.


Always the first thing people see when they walk in your home. This space should be open and welcoming, therefore keeping it simple and open is a must minimal design.

min entrance 3.jpg
Apartment 34

min entracnce 2.jpg
Blogg Lovin’
min entrance 1.jpg
Apartment 34 


Living Room

Relax and mushing into your couch is always the first thing you want to do when you come home from a long day at work. Keeping it minimal in this space is the best. I say this because it is always fast and easy to clean up when a mess does occur.

min livin 1.jpg
Blogg Lovin’
min livin 2
Blogg Lovin’
min living 3
Blogg Lovin’


White will always appear clean to anyone and everyone. In a kitchen there is always a lot going on, so to keep it clean going white witha bit of colour will keep that minimal look you want to achieve.


min kitchen 2.jpg
Sycamore Street Press
min kitchen 3.jpg
My Domaine
min kitchen 1.jpg
Apartment Living 


To keep the inspiration flowing, you need a clean open space. No distractions will allow you to get your best work done. Follow these photos and you will be able to succeed in this.

min office 3.jpg
Decor Blog
min office 2
The Sweetest Occasion 
min office.jpg
Picture from Pinterest



Just like the kitchen, white will always appear clean to anyone and everyone. This is more important in a bathroom, as it usually the place a lot of people consider dirty. Having a full white minimal bathroom will always take that fear away. Add in some greens through plants as that will build on the minimal design.


min bath.jpg
Design Dots
min bath 2
Ultra Linx
minimal bath.jpg
My Domaine


Keeping simple design, pattern and colours are key. Doing this will give you a clean simple look in your bedroom. This will also take away distraction when trying to fall asleep, therefore making your sleeping patterns better.

Aura Home
min bed
My Scandinavian Home 
mina bed
Apartment Therapy

Having a open clean home is a great feeling. Not only does it display nice, it is also easy to keep up with. Having less mess in your life will not only make you a happier person, it will take away a lot more stress than you think. So, even if you just toss a few things and slowly move towards a minimal home your life can totally become stress free in a matter of days.

min livin 2.jpg


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