We have made it to the end of the week. If you are like me, you are headed back home to the parents house to make new connections and design more design stuff. Or you’re smart and didn’t just drive an hour and a half in the cold, instead you stayed in, put on your comfy clothes on and sat back to read this delightful blog. Here are your quick tips for organizing your bedroom!

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Are you finding that you don’t quite have enough storage in your bedroom?

Why not find side tables that have more than one drawer. If your drawers are always overflowing, swap out your side tables for full dressers to create some extra storage. This will house all your important valuables and also socks and knickers.

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Old magazines, random houseplants, extra large frames, try arranging them in an artful way to make the clutter seem purposeful.


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Don’t toss your jewelry or unmentionables into a random drawer, use dividers. Try a classic drawer divider, this will save you time and space.

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The space where you forget there is space. This is an awesome place to store anything that you don’t use on a daily basis. You can find under the bed organizers, bonus they come with wheels that will make it much easier to pull out and push back in. This is where you can use this area to store out of season clothing, books or even drafting equipment.

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Finally, one of the best hacks for storage is a bench. This not only gives you a place to sit, but it also allows you to put baskets for storage. You can place socks and knickers in here or even could use this as a laundry bin.

If you stuck with me this week, you probably found some good ideas for your home. It’s a new year so make it a organized one.

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