There are lots of knickknacks in any home office and they need to be organized if you want any work to be done. If you are anything like me, nothing can be done until everything is in its place. I don’t really know if this is OCD or me just not wanting to work. But anyways, here are some clever ideas to use to organize your office.


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First, we need to find something that allows you to place all the things you need your office. If you’re lucky you have a lot of open wall space, so add some shelving. Not only does an entire wall of shelving provide some serious storage, but it also adds an element of interest. Consider staggering the shelves for a more unexpected look, not everything has to look used try staging some items to make it more fun.

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Your office is where you like to work. Some people like the typical look of a desk chair and a few nick nacks. But, don’t feel as if you have to resign yourself to office furniture alone. Remember that this is your space, think outside the box and consider using furniture in a different way. Try and use an old kitchen table as a desk, or using a credenza as file storage. Paint old pieces or buy new ones. This is the area you will be working, so why not only make it a good place to look at but functional as well.

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Keep in mind that is is a space where you will be working, this space needs to be clean and create a calm, serene work environment.  Consider going neutral as your base and infusing just a single color or two for instant office bliss. This will still give you an amazing look, but not take away from your thought process. Minimal is better, not only for the mind but organization also.

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Tame small items with trays. This is one of my go-to tips for any room, but especially in the office seeing as there are so many more small items. Try using small glass dishes or anything you can find at the dollar store, things that can be easily stacked and moved fast. Remember though to keep them available but contained and can easily be cleared off quickly if more work space is needed.

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Allow yourself only one junk drop. By this I mean a wire basket on the desk top. NOT a drawer because that will always stay out of eye and never be cleaned out. So, if you are in the middle of something but do not have time to put something back in its space, use the basket. This greatly helps you with the next step that should be completed everyday…

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Finally, always clear your desk at the end of the day. It will make tomorrow feel less full right when you wake up.

Tomorrow is the last day of the purge. We will be taking a look into the bedroom, more organizing tips, tricks and advice on how to make those spaces the best for you and your relationship…with your bed.


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