The two most used spaces in the home, the kitchen and bathroom. Here is your in depth guide to get the most out of your space…

For me, the kitchen is, in my opinion, the space that requires most attention. This is definitely because there are tons of things here that need to stay organized and forsure it is not easy to keep track of them all. So, how about we analyze them one at a time, starting with those annoying space destroying spice jars! Awesome you make my food taste good, but you take up too much space in my pantry.  A quick way to fix this is, a DIY spice rack. You can find so many types on Pinterest, my favourite two would have to be…

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the contemporary look of using an awkward space by adding in shelves and a chalkboard wall finish. This is a great way to add some detail in your space and it also allows you to change up the names.

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Another great space saving spice rack is the pull out beside your fridge. This is a great way to use that awkward space and also have an amazing amount of storage. You can choose the height of shelves, this allows you to store more than just spices but also liquid seasonings as well.


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If you are lucky to have a walk in pantry, you need to take advantage of this. Maximize the usable space in your pantry with storage shelves installed on the door. You can store things like canned goods, bottles and all sorts of other things. Great way to store all baggies, easy to get to when your hands are full!

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If you have a big kitchen and can afford to lose a few cabinets, I suggest you look into this great idea. I only recommend this for people who have the extra space, as this product does consume a whole cabinet. Use a glideware system in your kitchen. You can nicely store things like pans and pots which usually occupy a lot of space, not to mention that they would be difficult to find whenever needed. This keeps all lids and pans together and you do not have to worry about dropping them on your toes when trying to find the right size.

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Try something new! Store your kitchen utensils on the wall in labeled compartments. It’s a great idea which you can use for things like spatulas, brushes and other things. PLUS it adds a bit more detail to your space and makes things a lot faster to get to. This is a great idea for a smaller kitchen, as space needs to be used to its greatest potential.

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Another get idea is a magnetic knife racks, because why not! take the big wood block off your counter and safely store your knives in a fully accessible space. They can be installed on the backsplash or anywhere else you want.

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Finally, do not forget to take care of your refrigerator too. Take a trip to the dollar store and use baskets and trays to keep everything neatly organized. It’s much better than just throwing everything in there and then spending 5 minutes trying to find the item you need only to find out they have gone bad because you forgot about them.

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In a way, the bathroom is similar to the kitchen. So many little things that need to be stored. But are you tired of everyone’s bathroom looking the same? Why not only make your bathroom more organized but also tweak it with these awesome ideas!

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Tired of the same old hook on a wall look of hanging your towels? Turn a wooden pallet into an organizer for the bathroom. Install some hooks and knobs for towels and bathrobes and use wooden crates for the toiletries. New twist on a simple design.

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I never know where to put the extra toilet paper in my bathroom. I always run out of space to put it in the cabinet, so I just leave it in the hall closet. So! sorry to all of those who have come to my house and ran out of toilet paper and couldn’t find any! I will be changing that and will be doing this instead. Store the toilet paper in crates or containers that fit under your sink. Or you can then put it on a shelf, mount it on the wall and place it on the floor where it’s easy to reach.

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Do you have a tiny awkward space in your bathroom and you have no idea what to do with it? Why not try a ladder? Shelves can be boring so mix it up and try this. Also, ladders can be quite helpful in the bathroom. The reasoning you ask? It’s great for storing things like towels or toilet paper. You can also DIY it a bit by making the steps of the ladder a bit longer to allow you to place more items.

Tomorrow we will be tackling the home office. I am not a huge fan of my own home office, mostly because it is right when you walk in, so maybe we both might find something useful in tomorrow’s blog!







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