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Living rooms & Basements

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These spaces seem to get the most use from our junk. We always gather here, so, that is clearly why there is always far more junk here than any other place in the home. These trick, tips and advice will make your cluttered spaces become clean, organized, livable spaces. A well-organized living room is more inviting and also more comfortable for  not only you, but also your guests. One way of ensuring such a look is by removing visual clutter. Hide that junk away, only if you actually use that junk, if not toss it! You know those annoying cords and cables all over the room that no one likes to see but they have to be there because you use them everyday? Try this,  keep them contained all in one space by changing over a drawer to a charging station. This will not only keep all the cords neat and out of sight when not in use, but will also keep it all in one space so

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you won’t always have to search for them. Both the living room and basement will always have things that need to be stored somewhere but they also need to be easily accessible. This is where no matter how big your home is, multifunctional furniture can come in handy. This can been used as coffee table with storage underneath. This is a great space for storing things like remotes, magazines, board games and extra

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pillows. Another good idea for your space to keep everything in one area is a use of a tray on your coffee table. You can place all the items you would otherwise just have on the coffee table or on the sofa, things like your favorite book, the remote control or your glasses, things you always seem to lose when watching television. Do you have a lot of wall space?  Try wall mounted shelves or a bookcase behind the couch. It will save you space and also add

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interest above your couch instead of using artwork.  You’ll only lose a little floor space, however, you will gain a ton of storage. Of course, the bottom shelves should be devoted to things you don’t need to access that often. Are you a new mum or dad and have so many kids toys but cannot seem to find enough space for a playroom? Try this 8 cube organizer, found at Walmart. I personally love the weathered wood finish, however, it comes in multiple other finishes. It fits perfectly into any corner of a space or behind any couch. Fill it with bins on the bottom for the bulky toys and place books and smaller toys on the upper shelf. If you placed the shelving on a

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wall, add a chalkboard or art work behind to add that bit more detail and hide the fact that it is a toy area. Also, what else is great about this is, most of these units come with backings. Put all of them on the top row, as the baskets will hide the bottom row backing. This will allow you to store objects behind the unit such as small tent or other foldable toys.

Tomorrow we will be taking down the kitchen and bathroom. More organizing tips, tricks and advice is headed your way! Make sure you check in on how to make those spaces the best for you and your family.


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